PM Modi’s Actions “Inexcusable” – Lancet Said

PM Modi’s Actions “Inexcusable” – Lancet Said

New Delhi: In an editorial, the Lancet said, “Indian Prime Minister Modi’s conduct in trying to stifle criticism and free dialogue during the crisis are inexcusable.”

The widely regarded publication, in a piece critical of the government’s treatment of the coronavirus pandemic, said Prime Minister Modi’s administration would “face up to its errors” if India is to find out the solution.

“Despite warnings about the risks of super-spreader events, the government allowed religious festivals to go ahead, drawing millions of people from around the country, along with huge political rallies-conspicuous for their lack of COVID-19 mitigation measures,” Lancet said.

 oOver the last 24 hours, India health ministry recorded 4,187 deaths, bringing the total death toll to just under 2.4 lakh. Cases increased by 4,01,078, bringing the total number of cases to 2.19 million since the outbreak began.

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