Repentance – Happy Mother’s Day – Poem by Shushant Srivastav

Repentance – Happy Mother’s Day – Poem by Shushant Srivastav

π‘πžπ©πžπ§π­πšπ§πœπž, one of the most strongest human emotions. With this poem I have tried to pen the feeling of regret one encounters after loosing a parent. For not being able to devote enough time or do things that’d make them happy, while we remained busy in our glamorous lives. One day you’re bound to loose them and they will never ask you again if you’re ok or doing well. So cherish them, whilst you still have them. Be there for them as they’d be for you.Β 

My dear mother
in your womb
You and I were one,
a unison of two souls.

I felt your selfless love,
when you skipped meals
so I could eat.

Mother, my first word.
Mother, my whole world.
As I grew up,
you grew old.

While your vision impaired,
I turned a blind eye to you.
While your speech slurred,
I turned a deaf ear to you.

For I was young,
fascinated in love.
When love gave me a cold-shoulder.
I looked for your shoulder,
to cry on.

But your shoulder too, went cold.
I lost my only treasure,
I knew what I broke
your heart of gold.

Repentance hits me,
I wish unto all children,
may you die sooner,
than see deaths,
of your parents.

Poem By: Sushant Srivastav

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