Poetry By Shrithika Kushangi – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Poetry By Shrithika Kushangi – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

About The Author-

Shrithika Kushangi was born and raised in the city of happiness, Hyderabad. Growing up, she was fascinated by the magic of words which led to reading and she was drawn to writing down her thoughts. Later, Ms Shrithika Kushangi, who now works as a content writer developed a passion for writing and is taking a stroll, on the road to explore the varied forms of writing. Believing in slow progress and aiming to publish a book of her own, “The Literature Times” would be the second magazine to publish her writings!



There is something I want people to ask themselves,

The answer to which cannot be found even if we delve.

Fed up with the instructions being given,

And the comparisons to which I am being driven.

You cannot be lean as you gotta be strong!

No one’s gonna accept you unless you are “King Kong”.

The muscular body will make people stare,

If you don’t have it, none would even care.

Stop crying and “BE A MAN!”

Control your emotions as much as you can.

The colours you choose ought to be bold,

You can never opt pink is what I’ve been told.

I just want to shout out to people who rumble,

We are humans and it’s okay to fumble.

The gender barriers were created by you,

I hope it will come to an end eventually in years one or two!


How dark can it get?

How dark can it get?

Lone being the darkest and the shades fade with every person we met

Calm nights feel the coldest that gets warmer by the busy day

“I’m all ears” is something we wish one would ever say

Get it clear, that only the cheerful times are focused

Whereas the sad ones are not even openly discussed

Also, happiness is always celebrated by many

But the contrary will never be shared by any

In my honest opinion, let me get this straight

Only the good times are captured, be it in landscape or portrait

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