Literary Article By Soudia Parveen- The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

Literary Article By Soudia Parveen- The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

About The Author-

Soudia Parveen from West Bengal, is an Author of the best-selling title: – “World of my words”.

By profession, she is a Book reviewer, Podcaster, Interviewer and currently pursuing majors in Psychology. Currently working for The Rise Insight and The Asian Literature Newspaper and Magazines!

Soudia Parveen (Author) has published her debut book “World of my words” in 2021 and contributed her write-ups in a number of short stories and bestselling anthologies. Added up to this, Soudia is a podcaster in the Spotify music, Jio Saavn, Gana music, iTunes, etc. and does book podcasts for the Evincepub publishing company. Putting emphasis on such a young contributor’s talent, she is also a reviewer and an interviewer in The Literature Times Magazine and runs her personal podcasting channel on Spotify music!

Article: –

“Creativity is not limited to a pen’s tip or any other cognitive domains”

                          –Soudia Parveen (2022)

There are no thresholds in “creativity”!

To be creative one has no compulsion in being highly active intellectually and a good performer in academics! Creativity shows up in an individual when it’s never expected and is continued endlessly and eternally.

In the most general sense, one should not have to be a writer or an artist to be called “Creative”. He/She can create anything of their choice and out of the box to be considered one!

Creative are those who accomplish a task without limiting to one option and have a good hold in hypothetical thinking.

A ‘failure’ in academics can be extremely good at sports as well as a ‘Topper’ can be physically unstable to succeed through any physical activities, which is further analyzed as having a possibility in the differences between their creativity levels and not intellectual abilities!

Hence, it is proved that to be creative, one is not bound to be intelligent and have excellence in academics!

Creativity is something which is not performed on a regular basis. Whatever is performed regularly becomes a routine which is further considered as the job of that particular individual!

For instance: -“Why do we consider a homemaker not so creative than that of a chef?

Why is it said that if a homemaker cooks, it’s her duty and if a chef cooks, it’s her creativity?

The answer to this is: – “The flexibility in the preparation of the food!”

When a homemaker cooks, she only prepares the food to feed whereas when a chef cooks, she prepares the ambience and the mood along with the food to feed the brain at first, by its creative decoration and the aroma and then serving the eyes to gain a likability in consuming the served food!”

In conclusion to this, a chef is more praised and appreciated than the homemaker because of the differences in the creativity!

Therefore, “Creativity” involves two most important factors: –

  1. Being a master at manipulating a given situation or turning an object into something out of the box!
  2. Creating a masterpiece!

“No such things in the world with thresholds can be a ‘creation’ whereas, no such ‘creation’, in this world with limitations in thinking effectively can be creative”

           –Soudia Parveen (2022)

Note: – The ‘Creation’ in the first half of the definition is referred to the being (Living Being), whereas the ‘Creation’ in the second half of the definition is referred to the supreme being (Almighty God).

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