An Interview with Vibhor Gupta Author of the Book “The Secrets to Success in Futures & Options”

There are lot of informations available here and there related to futures and options which may confused traders and investors , most of the them learnt in a hard way after having severe losses. I think its not always necessary to learn stock market by our own experiences, crisp and clear document on the subject including undisclosed stuff on the subject may help them to have a complete control in this business.

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Young Author Arpan Dey Talks About His Book “Our Physics So Far – A Journey Through Spacetime, Consciousness and the Fundamental Nature of Reality”

“Our physics so far” calls attention to the fact that this is just the story of physics so far, and there is much more to come in the future, and the readers can be among the ones to take this story forward by leaps and bounds. The subtitle is “A journey through space time, consciousness and the fundamental nature of reality.” Space-time indicates physics, while “consciousness and the fundamental nature of reality” is to let the readers know that this book is not just about physics, but includes discussions on consciousness and metaphysics as well.

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Pausali Mukherjee Talks About Her Second Book “Versofiction”

Versofiction also I have tried to portray different shades of human nature as we find reflecting around us…how far justice has been done that responsibility should be given to the readers…they will share their views after reading it.

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