Literary Articles By Daisy Minj – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Literary Articles By Daisy Minj – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

About The Author-

Daisy Minj born and brought up amidst a clam and greenery Tea Estate called Raidak along with her parents and two siblings, her hunger to read and explore nature brought out the best in her i.e. express her feelings into words. Going on a trip with her cousins is one of her favorite hobbies apart from writing poems. “Being an Introvert is a choice but to write what I feel is my passion” is the quotes what inspires her to keep going.


Perfect paradise in your arms.

I know everything around us have been screwed due to the epidemic outbreak of “Corona virus”. All are advised to quarantine oneself at home but it’s sickening me coz, each and every corner of the house reminds me of you. The alarm clock which use to wake you up has now become my wakeup call every morning, the unlighted candles in our small altar is now glowing with multiple candles all seeking only one intention” To give you strength and keep you safe”. Though I water your aloe Vera plants and few climbers in our balcony yet it’s feels like they too miss your presence. The way you cared them at times I felt jealous and often mocked you for having gardening as a hobby. How can I forgive u for the name plate of our cottage – Mr. and Mrs. future Ekka’s villa seriously Future who mention like that? I was so self-centered that “OUR” word was never valued unless that Sunday morning when the packed bags had occupied in our drawing room and so was your ambulance van parked in front of our future cottage. Your decision to fly to Kolkata to treat the victims provoke me to an argument. Little did I realize that your absence will affect me to an extreme. I never really tried to understand why you preferred one pillow instead of two on our bed, it was never that pillow but your arms that felt like paradise with amazing dreams to sleep with.


My Mom’s wish.

“I have lived more than most by just dreaming” the silly talks of our marriage, the pre wedding shoot, the honeymoon, the hot pillow flights etc. I often portrait myself in between mom and u lest all are in vain. How I wish my mom could understand my love was unconditional. Her firm statement, “I hope you both are just friends not more than that”, forced us to separate after a harsh argument. Be it my clothes, phones, university or my job, I happily agreed to you Mom. Until one day when Mrs. Xalxo aunty dropped by our house with her daughter, galaxy. Things changed between us mom; due to your impulsive decision you became a joy killer in my life. First few months imaging galaxy as me could be wife scared me. Separation wasn’t that pain in the neck than seeing galaxy next to me, on bed, wedding frames, every party, gatherings. To be honest it felt like a nightmare. People might categories me as a cynical for I gave up my love for my mom’s wishes. It’s just that I never learned to say NO to my mom wishes and that’s how she taught me to respect every mother’s place in a guy’s life.

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