Progresses Made By The Human Civilization

Progresses Made By The Human Civilization

The human civilization has been constantly making progress ever since their presence on the face of the planet earth. Well, if we talk about the Mesopotamian Civilization, the Indus Valley Civilization, or any other civilization we find that humans who existed even thousands and thousands of years ago were wise enough to make a better living for themselves. Most of us are not alien to these civilizations, we have studied about them at some or the other stages of our educational journey, and we have been taught about the planning carried out by the humans who existed more than a few thousand years ago from today!

For instance, when we talk about the Indus Valley Civilization, which is also known as the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization or the Harrapan Civilization in many of the texts, then we find that the Drainage System of this civilization has been praised deeply. Well, this proves that humans even 7000 B.C. were wise enough to care for a proper sanitation and drainage system in order to live a hygienic and a planned life. The keyword, which we need to keep in mind is “planned” yes, the humans even thousands of years ago made plans for improving their living standards. Moreover, this plan or planning has been the biggest asset of the humans, which has resulted in the progress made by the human civilization that we see today.

It is in the nature of the human beings to plan our things, and that is indeed a very nice quality of us. We have planned the life that we are living today and it has been possible through the civilizations, which existed thousands of years ago. It is due to the planning that our civilizations had carried out way before, in the past that has resulted in keeping ourselves safe from the disasters today. Isn’t this something really marvellous? Well, answer this to yourself and ask yourself that would it be possible for the current generation humans to carry out an urban lifestyle with the benefits of the modern life (as most of us living it) if thousands of years ago, our ancestors would not have “planned” the ways of better living for themselves!

What we see today, be it a mall, large commercial zones, huge office buildings, a tall skyscraper, or an eco-friendly industrial building is truly magnificent and nothing other than the evidence of the progress made by the human civilization. In the current day world, the progress of a civilization is judged by the modernization of the society. A planned society or a planned city has become the symbol of the modern and advanced civilization. Whether we like it or not this is the truth, and the truth is that simplicity does not count, no matter how nice it may sound.

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Therefore, what we see today, the engineering marvels – a tall suspension bridge, expressways, roads & flyovers, special economic zones, huge shipping ports, or an international airport or big blocks of buildings, which are working day and nights too in shaping up our lives is the prime example of the progress made by the human civilization. Be it the policies of the government, certain nations taking steps to control population or giving benefits or farmers are nothing but the steps taken by us today in order to shape up a better tomorrow for the human civilizations.

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Today, most of us live in houses made of bricks and cement, carry smartphones, talk about our cities coming under the government’s plan of ‘Smart City’ and hoping for an even better lifestyle when we already are having almost all those things that are required in living a comfortable life is what makes the human beings great. Our desire for betterment has resulted in the progress of the humankind, with most of the important and path breaking inventions being made in the 19th and the 20th century, human civilization has learnt to see dreams that may look difficult but never seems impossible!

Progress of the human civilization depends upon exactly what we are doing today, directly or indirectly each one of us are contributing to it. Well, this is interesting and motivating as well, since we know that almost everything that we are carrying out today will result in the progress of the humankind in the coming years.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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