Scrabble Babble Rabble: What it felt like?

Scrabble Babble Rabble: What it felt like?

Bruno Beaches and his Works

Bruno Beaches has the unique ability to infuse imagination in his words and create a world where the characters are alive and living from the beginning. His earlier books, “Til Death We Do Part” and “Till Death We Do Part, Too,” testify this fact. His latest edition of “Scrabble Babble Rabble” carries the same atmosphere, which for once would appear to be the contemporary Chaucerian version of storytelling in the absence of the pilgrimage/journey motif.

“Scrabble Babble Rabble”

“Scrabble Babble Rabble” has the game of scrabble, which quickly forms the backdrop, and at the forefront are the lives of 4 characters who particularly represent different people of a social group. Through his experience, the author shows life inside prison through different events and happenings in the lives of the prison-mates. He portrays what would otherwise have always remained on the outside. As the game time comes, the characters are ready with the babble version in the form of tales born from their life experiences. These may for once be lessons for the readers, while for some, they may be merely stories to amuse them. The author has applied the technique of framed narrative in this piece of fiction, and he does it with skill while maintaining the smoothness of the narrative.

“How Would the Readers Feel?”

At the same time, he also keeps the readers connected to the storytellers Kevin, Dennis, Terry, and Liam by giving a regular update of the happenings of their lives. In addition to the uniqueness of the plot, “Scrabble Babble Rabble” takes the author’s artistic skill in a different direction and carves a different niche for him in fiction writing. Bruno Beaches’ “Scrabble Babble Rabble” is suggested to not just the readers of fiction but also those who are interested in reading multiple stories in the same book and understanding the prison environment through the eyes of an insider and observer.

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