Succeed At Once by Ayaz Lakdawala: Book Review

Succeed At Once by Ayaz Lakdawala: Book Review

Succeed At Once, a charming book that guides you to achieve tremendous success in all aspects of your life. The section on Self Help has articles that give you practical tips on getting along with everyone with confidence, developing mental toughness, and making things work. The section also explains how you can figure out solutions for complex problems. It also explains how a calm and rational mind can help you to achieve great success. There are useful guidelines on how to socialize within your circle of family, friends, and business contacts, and use your socializing skill to great advantage. The next section is on Enrichment. It has articles that enhance your sphere of knowledge. Here you will know how the modern era has created more awareness among people so that they do not get carried away. You will also get to know about the immense benefits of cultivating reading as a hobby. Further, there is a focus on online romance and social networking. The next section consists of articles on health and wellbeing. It discusses new-age remedies to combat the stresses and pressures of modern-day fast-paced lifestyles. It outlines a wonder cure from stress in the form of greenery therapy and discusses mall therapy, which is a simple and enjoyable approach for relief from stress. It explains a fascinating cure from art psychotherapy. The section also examines fitness walking to obtain good health. It gives useful tips to overcome insomnia. The last section is on inspiring poems that guide you to obtain your dreams, to win spectacularly by overcoming all the obstacles that come in your way. They enable you to take heart, make use of opportunities, and achieve your targets. They lead you to obtain true happiness.

What strikes you as you open and flip the pages of this book is the calm feeling that pervades you. The beautiful layout for each chapter is calming and aesthetic. The ideas are simple and straightforward, presented in an easy to understand language, so everyone can follow them. Finally the price for this treasure is so down to earth, that anyone who is looking for some self-upliftment can buy one.

Title: Succeed At Once
Publisher: ZorbaBooks
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