Book review of “You Can Become Rich” By Arvind Sharmaa.

Book review of “You Can Become Rich” By Arvind Sharmaa.

Everyone in today’s time is concerned about their financial conditions owing to present time and circumstances. A secure future is everyone’s dream, hope and the motivating force behind every action of a person. Arvind Sharamaa’s “You can Become Rich: The Success Secrets of the Rich- An Assured Road to becoming wealthy” is one of the books that guides the aspirants of financial independence and the people who want to become financially secure. The book is a short version of a stepping stone in the direction that has been in waiting for many for long. As the title suggests, the book deals with the financial security for people of today’s time which finds its routes in the experience of the author.

Sharmaa’s “You Can Become Rich” is suggestive of different connections when a reader comes across the title. To many, it may seem to be a guide in the direction of richness, others may see it as part of the motivational literature of the present day where the book may mention a success story, while others may think of it as a book which is a financial guide. Interesting fact is that this book is an amalgamation of all the conjectures listed above. It is a guide, has the stories of different people and also offers a precise approach to understanding the financial situation and handling it.

“You Can Become Rich” builds its content from real life examples and derives points of understanding for the readers as lessons to be learnt as one goes along on the road to learning financial independence. Through his point based approach, the author shares tips to help individuals struggling financially or who live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. It may also be useful for those who are considering their future needs and planning accordingly. The format the author uses to explain his ideas is also noteworthy. He uses a few pointers, comes to the main idea and draws conclusions from that. This technique makes the content easy to be grasped and retain for the readers.

This book would be useful for all the readers who are planning their future from financial viewpoint and want to ensure they are secure in any condition life throws at them. Money is the governing factor of any person’s life and richness is an add on to it. Financial independence and security is a requirement of everyone’s life, whether they are working or not working.

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