Summertime – Blog by Shaheen Kazi

Summertime – Blog by Shaheen Kazi

Summer Season!!

It comes with a big summer marketing bang, the taste of mangoes, the sun, and plans to visit Grandma’s house.

The summer season is the favourite season for children because schools are closed, and they are in the mood for endless fun. The sun is so bright and all-around murmurs to go out!

During this time of year, the days get hot, hot and long, while the nights of this season are the shortest.

The weather makes it possible for people to go outside to do fun activities. You wake up in the morning to the glowing sun in your room, the chirping birds and the aroma of delicious food which is cooking down.

The warm summer weather creates lasting conditions for animals and plant activities. Sometimes thunderstorms may be the surprising guest as well. It helps nature survive in this warm period; crops grow better and later give harvest!

Everyone loves summer because it’s the best time to go on vacation, spend time near the sea and sunbathe. It is also the perfect time to participate in outdoor sports, spend time with family and friends, and have a picnic.

Loose-fitting clothing in lightweight cotton gives the body an elegant twist. Hat collections are over the head and grocery bags in your hand.

Nature in the summer season is full of vivid colours; everything around is flourishing, birds chirp and sing, and you can see wildlife around you dancing.

Plants and trees give fruit, flowers bloom in different colours, and everyone can feel the incredible smell in the air. Hot days with perfect weather enable animals to breed!

The most popular summer flower is Begonia. Everyone loves this beautiful flower because of its big and colourful blossoms and also they can also live as in the sun as in the shade throughout the whole summer period.

Summer is also the best time to plant vegetables like beans, celery, corn, cucumbers, broccoli, muskmelon and aubergines.

Summertime brings a warmer climate, longer evenings and garden picnics, and it also gets sunstroke and sweat. Beaches and zoos are crowded, and insects such as mosquitoes are at their highest levels.

If you consume a lot of fresh fluids and juices, your body will always stay hydrated. Sunscreen lotions and shades are the essential tools to protect your body from the scorching heat. Red Juicy Watermelon on the plate and a bowl of green salad give your appetite a healthful boost of energy. 

In the summertime, it’s a unique pleasure to read a book. If you haven’t tried, give it a try.

Happy reading!

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