Like, Share & Subscribe – Reality behind these three magic words

Like, Share & Subscribe – Reality behind these three magic words

Read again!!

Those three magical words you must have heard billions of times each time you watched the videos.

But do you understand the reality behind these three magic words?

If not, then this article is for you. I know that many of you do not like to read because you have become a slave to those three words.

Like, Share & Subscribe these three words insist that you like them, view them, follow them and yes, enrich them. Educated people and adolescents should understand that they should sign on to which channel. Unfortunately, many people donate their valuable thumb up to stuff like vlog TV celebrities.

In a year, TV celebrities hit into 2 million subscribers, and they come and give you sweet words of thanks and start counting their money what they had earned from you from wasting your time. Have you ever thought about why these television celebrities are interested in showing their house, family, lifestyles, birthday/anniversaries/valentine day/festival/mother’s day/father’s day/their dog birthday, and even their good deeds. Because they are on the job, they are earning.

It has recently begun a new trend if someone dies in their family, they upload an emotional video in which they weep and share their feelings. THINK, why they are doing these? Do they know you? Why are they telling you how they feel? Do these television celebrities even know your name? They’re just making a fool out of you. And they know very well they have absolute fools to see their Vlog. Go ahead, share your real issues, express your real pain, and see how much they hear you.

Had you ever seen in your family or neighbours what help they need from you? After all you know them right, but you waste your time watching vlog of nonsense people who don’t even know your name.

In the channel – whole family, everybody will have his own respected channel with different names. And the fun part is within a year they celebrate with rewards.

A lot of videos teach you if you know nothing. But for these helpful videos, educated people think this is no fun.

Quit making these television beggars rich. Use your common sense if you have one—do not need to look at their lifestyle because they are not interested in your lifestyle or your problems.

Many innocent teens may think they love their audience, so they make videos.    If you go ahead, they won’t even look at you and, try as hard as they can hide from you. But only through the video, they will send you love.

At last, I would like to tell the generation of today who will be the future of tomorrow.

Nothing is Free. Their entertainment, their vlog, nothing is free, my friend. You, the viewers, are the product for them.

Open your mind and treat them as normal people. You don’t have to be mad behind them just because you see them on the TV or on the big screen.

They get paid to do that and they do their job. Don’t lower the bar when you raise your thumb.

When you begin to ignore them, they will follow you and behave respectfully.

Like, Share & Subscribe these are the three most powerful weapons that you have. So use this weapon only if you feel that the video has helped you through education and knowledge.

The day you will understand that running behind them for selfies is stupidity, and it must be stopped. There will be right change.  

 They need our support; WE don’t need their support. So you think who should request a selfie with whom?

Good Luck!!

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