The book, “Thus Verily Happened” By Author Galla Meher Vineeth- Book Review

The book, “Thus Verily Happened” By Author Galla Meher Vineeth- Book Review

Writing a fictional book consists of a lot of effort including the most key factors such as imaginary characters and events and these novels do not describe real people or deal with facts which are real and they usually contain a false scenario. Similarly the book, “Thus Verily Happened” by the author Galla Meher Vineeth, basically revolves around factors like time and death.

The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues is referred to as time and death being the end of everything is also a factor to be considered!

The author has a knack of writing from a very early age since he has been listening to bedtime stories and he also dedicated his book to his grandfather, which shows a strong connection between them throughout the book’s preface! He speaks about his interest in writing and imaginative ideas which he possessed from a very early age having a belief within himself that he would someday write a novel and be a recognized author which definitely got fulfilled with his masterpiece novel book!

This book is about the time when a character from the novel named Chandrahas had a dream where his best friend was unlike others,who loved a girl at it’s best and to whom both never met in the real world. It was just a dream and illusion which eventually turned into a nightmare because of a strange ,unknown person.

In reality there hits a day where he finds those

strangers from the dream, the best friend, and his lover. Despite this, many events from the dream start to take place in reality too, leaving him probing over it! All these challenging scenarios made him think deeply and analyse about the mysterious person who was about to plan and plot a disastrous situation!

Such questions and analysis leaves him to ponder upon more factors!

The mystery is whether it’s a dream or it has more to do with the dream?

To know more this book is definitely worth giving a read, exploring the most amazing concealing factors and the revelation of the truth and the turning plot bringing the extraordinary climax and incredible ending which has the potential in catching all the reader’s imaginary plus innovative minds!

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