The Hindi Version of Book ‘The Art and Science of Sales’ by Author Raj Sharma – Launched Worldwide

The Hindi Version of Book ‘The Art and Science of Sales’ by Author Raj Sharma – Launched Worldwide

Great sales-people are actually like relationship builders, who provides value and helps their customers to win. Well, one such personality is our author here, who already had received much love and appreciation from the readers’ community. Author of the path-breaking book, The Art and Science of Sales Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma has now come up with the Hindi Version of his remarkable business & strategy title. His Hindi translated title ‘Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan has been published after considering the needs of those readers, who prefers reading in the Hindi Language!

Our author here felt the need to come out with this title, ‘Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan’ as he believes that his work would be viable only when more & more people would be benefited from them and that probably is the main reason behind coming up with the translation of his noteworthy work, ‘The Art and Science of Sales!’ Hindi is the most used language in India, so it seemed only wise to publish the work in a language through which most people in the country can connect.

Now, if we have a look over Dr. Sharma’s most talked about book, ‘The Art and Science of Sales’ then we be amazed to find out its wonders. The book is highly rated with several positive reviews on major platforms like Amazon & Goodreads as the readers had expressed their gratitude towards his work. Talking about the amazing reviews with which the book is decorated, let us have a look over one such review from a verified purchaser on Amazon – ‘A complete intelligent insight of the principles and ease of marketing and sales. The analysis of science and arts of Sales is a beautiful piece of depiction of effective sales formulae to new comers as well as experienced hands who tend to pursue a career in marketing & sales. A must read for all and sundry to tackle day today public life!’

There is no doubt that the readers had found this title, ‘The Art and Science of Sales’ reading worthy. As the book is like a boon for all those individuals who are aiming to create a carrier for themselves in the field of sales and marketing. The book talks about various sales hacks that are indeed useful in the practical life. Moreover, this book makes an effort to simplify the complexities associated with B2B sales. It explains the Science behind sales by clearly defining various technical terms and demystifying the intricate processes. It lays down a foundation for new sales professionals trying to make a mark in the field. Simultaneously the book attempts to familiarize sales teams with latest trends and methods for success in B2B sales.

If we throw some light on the author’s life, then we find out that the 35 years of disruptive sales strategies have taught Dr. Sharma one very main thing, i.e. How to craft the perfect pitch that guarantees 99% closures deal, after deal! He always punctuates “Extraordinary Sales Leadership Record” with stellar high performing terms. Clearly, he is such a recognizable and prime face of achievements in the field of Sales Leadership, Business Re-Invention and Customer Relationship Management that his stories can inspire anyone! The list of his skills, contribution into the field of Sales and Business, initiatives to grow and groom the young Sales Heroes of the nation and his incredible achievements as an Author and as a Sales Maverick may never end, well such is the stature of Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma. Well, with the Hindi Version too, ‘Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan’ the aim of the book has remained the same and the title comes handy for the ones seeking to create something big for themselves in the field of sales and marketing. The author begins the book by clearly explaining what sales actually is and brings out very clearly the Art and Science factors of Sales. The author differentiates between the Science and Art components. This particular book is focused on the science of sales and the author elaborates in detail in each chapter the various components of science of sales. This includes Sales Models, Sales Process, Prospecting, the role of social media, Cold Calling, Preparation for first meeting, Qualifying Leads, Sales Methodologies, Sales Objections and finally Sales Closures!

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