The Last Color – Movie Review

The Last Color – Movie Review

It’s February – the month of romance as people call it. They believe love to be in the air all through this month. Most of our society’s privileged category is going mushy while sitting in the comfort of his/her office/home and maybe still complaining. But it’s noteworthy that a not-so-blessed section in here is also living the kind of hard life that others can not even imagine. Stories like the movie ‘The Last Color’ comes likes an eye-opener in the context. Most importantly, highlighting the torture that widows have to go through in areas like Vrindavan and Varanasi, the movie also gives a glimpse of that being experienced by the ‘untouchables’ and ‘transgenders’ of our country. Amidst all this, the team behind this masterpiece hasn’t forgotten to also throw the light upon lives of those wives and daughter-in-laws who are being suppressed by their families only because they are women.

Most of the performers related to this movie seem to have done their part impressively, depending upon years of experiences in the field. The movie loses one star in the ratings accompanying this review, because of a couple of reasons. One being that it leaves the audience curious to know the story of Chhoti after her fateful day. How does she start from scratch and then reaches the heights? A tightroper in her childhood, how does she manage to turn herself into literally ‘untouchable’ as an adult by the society? The other one being how does she come to know it’s Chintu, her lost childhood friend, when they collide after growing-up? The audience knows because few scenes from the past story flash on the screen immediately but why does she start blushing? It leaves the audience guessing and looking for an answer.

Overall, it may induce goosebumps for many viewers while giving scope to many others for finding faults. It has brought up some otherwise neglected issues, and it should be said that we need more of such movies to make this world a better place.

‘The Last Color’ based on Chef Vikas Khanna’s novel, takes it right from widows not even being allowed to have something to eat of their choice and gets to let them play colors on Holi. It should rather be considered inspirational and undeniably a must-watch for those working on bringing about a change.

TitleThe Last Color
Main CastNeena Gupta
Aqsa Siddiqui
DirectorVikas Khanna
Produced ByJitendra Mishra
Bindu Khanna
Poonam Kaul
MusicMahesh Bharti

Reviewed By: Neha Sharma, The Literature Times

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