Fall in Love again…

Fall in Love again…

“Love in its purest manifestation is the strongest of all human emotions and senses. It easily surpasses hatred, anger, revenge, or all at once. It can trump all physical senses, heat, cold, pain, and pleasure. Nothing compares to love.”

Ch.22, Page 230 – ONEwithin…

Romance – Let’s break the myth!

In the season of Love & Affection. When the velvety zephyr of romance is caressing the hearts of young and old alike. I wonder what the reader community out there is reading on this Valentine’s Day. Because one question gnaws my mind ever since I started writing professionally.

Why do some people shy away from reading romance stories, although they have undergone such a feeling some time or the other in their lives? Whenever I hear people who read fiction regularly, including young readers as well, shrugging their shoulders, and saying proudly. I don’t read romance. I am into much heavier stuff. My senses scream. Why man, why?

Is romance a light subject to read? No, way! In fact, it has fathomless depths of feel and a plethora of oceanic emotions. It boasts the widest range of sub-genres viz., Historical, Contemporary, Religious/Spiritual, Paranormal, Erotic, and Suspense. Perhaps a few more out there that catch the fancy of the author. 

Whenever we talk about the greatest works of all time in the literary world, at least one or two novels/drama from genre ‘Romance’ pops up on the list.

Clearly, Romance is also a genre without demographical distinction; evoking the same feeling in human hearts all across. It sees no colour, caste, or creed. It is like a pizza, burger, a bowl of noodles, or a portion of curry that anyone can enjoy in any geographic location. Hence, the undisputed King of all genres!

Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, I implore all bibliophiles to take a break from whatever they are reading, and taste from the flavours of the season. Read at least one book from the genre and extend your thoughts in the comment box. You may not be a romance aficionado, but you can try one for a change. Believe me; it does good to our reading. I am sure it will stir the romance in you and leave a passing smile as it touches a fragrant memory from the days of yore in your life.

You may pick from my list of – 21 All-time Favourite Romance Titles 

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So what’s holding you? Get a steaming mug of coffee and a book from the genre; sit in your cosy corner and immerse yourself in the immortal pages of master storytellers.

Article by: Bobby George, The Literature Times

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