14 February – Valentine’s Day

14 February – Valentine’s Day

The beautiful rendezvous of lovers is to experience the feelings of love you have for your special. Valentine’s day, the month of Cupidon, it gives you affection, romance and a bundle of passion. Many love stories are born on this selected date, and many hearts are shattered as well.

 Ouch!! Feels bad, right?

The expression of your love through the exchange of gifts does not demonstrate your feelings. Your feelings are the real gift to your partner; no gift can take the place of your feeling that you hold inside yourself. Your words are the pleasant emotions you express when you say not just three magic words; it means more than that.

Giving out chocolates, red heart balloons, red roses and a dinner date, does it sound so romantic, right?


The gift never measures love, but your feelings bear much depth and connectedness. Real feelings don’t have words, no language, and only your sincerity, which can be heard and felt. 

‘Red Rose’ is the symbol of love; it should be, after all, it is so beautiful with an enchanting seductive scent.  But it’s a myth if you carry a bouquet of roses; it means your love is expressed in the highest order.  

If you want to give something, give your real-time. Today, the time has become a social media world, sitting with your loved ones clicking on selfies, updating the status for many, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Is this what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Well, it can be for some? I guess.

Whatever you do on this day, make it simple and meaningful for you, your relationship and most importantly for your partner. Each day is a Valentine’s Day for all the lovers, but this day is gorgeous. Don’t waste your time behind the Internet; instead, spend your time with each other by accepting certain defects and avoiding the annoying pause.

Proceed with love, start your day as it will soon end, and end your day as it is no tomorrow. Love is beautiful, but only love needs your time, small efforts and loyal companions.

After all,

When it is about feelings

We all are fragile…

Article By: Shaheen Kazi, The Literature Times

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