The Modern Era Of Poisonous & Manipulative Journalism

The Modern Era Of Poisonous & Manipulative Journalism

It is such an unfortunate incident that in the current era, the common citizens can no longer rely upon the media for an un-biased and a fair flow of information. The media platforms are being simply used as the tools by various powers like political parties, industrialists, religious groups & extremists, etc. Since, past many years we have witnessed that the media has tried to justify the unfair & the wrong doings of the politicians, religious leaders and even terrorists. Now, this is something deeply pathetic and the level of Journalism in India has sunken very low!

Ideally, Journalism is considered to be the ‘Fourth Pillar of Democracy’ however, with such high level of biasness in the journalism, the common citizens of India cannot have any faith in the media. A part from few handful media agencies, most of the media houses in India are working as the agents of the bad powers of the society. Unfortunately, India is facing continuous threats from some really harmful organizations & terror outfits, who hates seeing progress & stability in our nation. Some of them are funded from across the border, while the traitors living in India funds the rest of these outfits. Therefore, often times we have seen that some of the media anchors criticizing the government (especially the present government of the BJP), even when the government takes a correct step or brings a much-needed law.

Some media houses are deeply corrupted and biased, exactly like some of political parties in India; well you can see the connection here. So, these media houses mostly acts as the agents for those political parties & political leaders who are deeply covered with corruption & anti-national charges. The jobs performed by these biased media houses are very simple firstly, it is to make & present a series of fake as well as sympathetic stories about those corrupted political parties & leaders, which will give them a clean chit among the citizens. Then, to attack the opponents of those corrupt political parties & leaders. Finally, these sold out media houses tries their level best to promote the ideology of the corrupt political parties & leaders and in this process of shamelessness most of these media houses even justifies the anti-national acts by the anti-national elements of our society, by calling them their freedom!

Well, a lot of things are being done in the country in the name of freedom and with the ‘Pseudo Secular’ approaches by the Left Wings, the anti-national voices in the nation has got a lot of power. Unfortunately, the left wing in India openly goes out to support the anti-national forces in order to attack the government (as their main target is the current BJP Government) and to come into the power. This is shamelessness because for these political parties & leaders overlooking the interest of the nation has become a hobby and several media houses are giving support to such acts of overlooking the national interests.

The left ideology is like a mental disorder as the media houses following the left ideology are highly biased and carrying out a very selective mode of journalism. Almost on every occasion, the left wing journalists propagates a particular narrative and without any remorse or shame, they blame the Hindu Religion, when clearly the other party is guilty. Narrative are made in such a manner that the actual truth can be hidden and innocent parties can easily be blamed. Well, it seems that the sole aim of journalism these days is to spread the lies and weaken the society!

Journalism, these days is being carried out in a much poisonous & manipulative manner as the media houses have made all efforts to sympathize with the terrorist and present a narrative to the citizens where the military forces are painted as the aggressors and the terrorists are painted as victims. Well, this is the height of hypocrisy, which sadly has become a common practice in the modern day journalism. For example, if we look at one of the largest military operation carried out by the Indian Special Forces in the year 2016 in the Jammu & Kashmir valley we will find out that our brave forces killed the most wanted terrorist Burhan Wani. When our special forces carried out this courageous operation then many of the sold out media houses started to blame our military forces only for destroying peace in the Kashmir region. These sold out media houses went a way ahead and projected a terrorist like Burhan Wani as a freedom fighter too. Well, if this is not hypocrisy then what is?

False rumors are being spread in the name of news and the even sadder part is that the news are made up with the aim of defaming a particular side, political party and even religion. Baseless allegations are being made every day, which only results in society division but also in the defaming of the country’s image at the international levels. Therefore, the current government needs to take a strong step in this direction and bring some effective laws to control the manipulative news & fake narratives by the sold out media houses. The biasness in journalism can be curbed only when there will be strong actions over these biased media agencies, who are nothing more than the tools of the left wings’ anti-national elements.

We must always remember that one of the prominent reason behind the World War–II was the Poisonous Journalism. News were published in such a manner those days that the public opinion got ignited and people were filled with rage and anger towards the other countries leading to a mass destruction. In a much diversified nation like India the chances of communal riots increases to multi-fold due to the fake news. Therefore, it is very much required that the Print as well as the Electronic Media should carry out proper reporting and present the citizens only with the actual news!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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