“The Rise of Ultra Legend” By Abusaeed Ali-Book Review

“The Rise of Ultra Legend” By Abusaeed Ali-Book Review

To become a legend and be highlighted in the top tens or hundreds, one is not bound to be Kalpana Chawla or Amitabh Bachchan. A being is considered a legend when the person himself appreciates the potentiality and calibre he/she possesses. It takes a couple of years minimum to analyse the harsh reality with the simple coping up techniques. Life after that, seems to be much easier and acceptable for the sake of one’s existence. Existing is a necessity, but inspiring others with such existence is a luxury. The most important factor to become a legend and to aspire others is originality and simplicity as put forward by Kaushik Mahapatra (founder of the Indian leadership Academy). The key factor is hardwork and dedication toward one goal at a time leads a being to reach the heights.

Similarly the book “The rise of ultra legend” by Abusaeed Ali is a masterpiece guaranteeing the readers who can learn a lot from this book and start applying the author’s real life experience in their own lives to transform themselves. The author’s splendid work and incredible job stands as an example for thousands of people to effectively work on their capabilities and aims to be successful in life and not in the workplace only.

Besides being a learner, trainer, therapist and coach, the author is also a founder & ceo of iitm.global which definitely is predictable of how knowledgeable and great the personality he has been.

In his debut book, the author puts emphasis on observing, analysing and then working on the particular point. It is pointless to overthink and trouble ourselves when the unconscious mind is stressed. Too much emphasis shouldn’t be put onto these situations as per the author describes in his first chapter. One must learn how to use one’s pain and problems as weapons in their battlefields called ‘life’. The collection of chapters in the book step by step makes one understand the realm of life and the techniques to cope up with it and execute one’s steps efficiently.

A very attention holding factor which should be practised by all is the chapter written on using one’s pain as a weapon to further stab the negativities and hurdles and move on further with more practicalities and efficiency. It is said that one must build trust to build a strong relationship with anyone or any area of work which also takes time and a lot of effort. The author described the fact that to enter a field, one should know the rules and ways to handle it and work accordingly by giving an example of a game field where to know the rules is a must without which the person is kicked out of the field.

Therefore, the book aims at concluding that one has to realise their true potential since the battle is not over till one us breathing, one is bound to fight for their self pride, and has to keep striving in order to unleash the true talents and hidden potential within oneself.

It is a must read for all the youngsters as well as the retired workmen amongst whom one life is yet to proceed and for some the life is yet to mend more such effective things. Thus, the book aims at showing that everyone has the power and ability to become a legend by inspiring and aspiring.

Reviewed By Soudia Parveen

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