Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India

Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India

Here is the updated list of Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India that have the testimonies of various authors who had a great experience with them. Apart from treating the author’s creations as their own, they are highly professional and dedicated to their work.

Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India

Book writing has always been an art of recording thoughts through the medium of words. A writer may or may not dream of anything else but to make sure his thoughts reach his readers. This is done through the correct channels with the guidance required at every step. Print on Demand Self-Publishing in India is the fastest growing trend in the book publishing industry today. Publishing has been made easy with the help of self-publishers

Mostly, a book written is raw and needs careful polishing and grooming, which is only possible when the manuscript goes in the right hands. From manuscript form to printed version, there are a bunch of traditional and self-publishing houses. Choosing the best one among all of them becomes a challenging task for a writer. Self-publishing gives the author complete control over designing, publishing and marketing. At the same time, self-publishers help authors at every step with their guided publishing plan.

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Evincepub Publishing

  • Growing with every title they publish, Evincepub Publishing also offers a range of packages to help every author without being disappointed. After many years of consistently producing best-seller and in their attempts to promote new and existing talent further, they have also ventured into traditional publishing in recent times after making their name in the self-publishing world.
  • Evincepub has a global network for paperback and eBook distribution, which can take your book to 150+ countries and 39,000+ stores. They recently got featured at Hindustan Times for their contribution in self-publishing.
  • Their website is also relatively user-friendly, and authors would find a live chat option for on-the-spot interaction. With the objective of “bringing every untold story to your doorstep,” Evincepub has testimonies of a variety of authors available on their website.
  • Website:

Partridge Publication

  • Partridge India, powered by the self-publishing service provider Author Solutions LLC has been in the field for quite some time. It offers authors access to the services they require to achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. With publishing packages matching the need of every pocket, Partridge India is always ready for assistance through the journey of book publishing.
  • Partridge India’s digitally optimised publishing packages provide everything Indian authors need to establish their book worldwide without having to travel.
  • Traditionally, the biggest struggle for India-based authors has been to establish themselves internationally. Partridge India’s digitally optimised publishing packages provide everything Indian authors need to establish their book worldwide without having to travel.
  • Website:

Astitva Prakashan

  • Astitva Prakashan provides author a platform that gives them the space to become famous and this spirit has helped to win the heart of writers not just in India but across the world. Astitva Prakashan is one of the leading self publishing houses in India. They have emerged as one of the fastest growing self publishing company in India.
  • Learn from the industry experts how to publish and promote your book. Reach maximum audience for best outcome. Overall the clients feedback is positive and they have received many recommendations and repeated clients. This make sure that they are working honestly.
  • Sell books worldwide in all platforms. Get live sales reports and monthly payouts for the selling of your books. Astitva Prakashan provides worldwide distribution in 150+ countries and how they are open for taking the to Indian offline stores too. At the time when Offline Book Distribution in India is a major challenge for authors, Astitva Prakashan is slowly elaborating its distribution network across the country.
  • Website:

The Write Order Publications

  • The Write Order Publications is a Pratilipi group company & is one of India’s fastest growing publication houses based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. 
  • Their Eco-system consist of: 2.5 Crore+ Readers | 27+ Lakhs stories| 2.7+ lakh writers | 12 Languages. 
  • They are a guided/Self publishing house, publishing 40-50 authors every month.
  • The Write Order Publications publish books in all the genres from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, auto biographies, Novel, biographies, technical/educational books, Business, horror, legal/law etc.
  • USP: “We value author’s content, experience time they have invested in the book more than the commercial benefits of the same.”
  • Website: 

White Falcon Publishing

  • One of the fastest-growing self-publishing companies in India, White Falcon Publishing assists authors in the global distribution of their books through its network of book distributors, selling books in almost all the major continents of the globe. Besides, they also provide self-publishing plans which author can customize with a 100% profit share.
  • White Falcon Publishing has helped hundreds of authors publish their books, many of which are now national bestsellers and award winners. White Falcon Publishing is one of the select book publishing companies in India to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing quality publishing services.
  • White Falcon Publishing has defined their Book Publishing Process clearly in their website which helps the author to get a complete insight of the publishing process with them
  • Website:

Notion press

  • Based in Chennai, Notion press has been in the field for quite a long time. Self-publishing a book has been made significantly more comfortable with their guided and Xpress publishing platform. According to their website, they have 28K books published and distributed in 140+ countries. They mainly publish in English, Hindi and Tamil Language books. Notion press has given many bestsellers to the readers which one can access in their official website.
  • Guided Publishing: The author can get a dedicated team of experts who will work on every aspect of the book. From positioning to design, editing to book marketing, the author can sit back and relax as they try to create the best version of your book.
  • Express Publishing: Authors can do everything independently using Notion press DIY portal, and the book would be ready for publishing. Authors can use Xpress platform to write, design, promote and sell your book by own.
  • Website:

Power Publishers

  • In the realm of self-publishing in India, Power Publishers emerged as a formidable force, shaking the foundations of the traditional publishing industry.
  • With its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to empowering young authors, the brand became a catalyst for change, revolutionizing the way books were brought to the masses.
  • Having made its mark a few years ago, Power Publishers proudly boasts a remarkable collection of 1600 published titles. Spearheaded by a legion of talented and passionate authors, these books have found a welcoming home within the brand’s vast portfolio. These young authors, once faced with the daunting task of navigating the labyrinthine publishing world, now have a platform to showcase their literary creations.
  • Website:

Blue Rose Publishers

  • Nestled within the bustling heart of the nation’s metropolis, Bluerose Publishers emerges as a seasoned and meticulously organized publishing entity. Steadfastly dedicated to delivering top-tier services in the realm of book publication.
  • Bluerose Publishers proudly encompasses an extensive array of genres and languages. Committing themselves to opening doors for authors from all corners of the literary world. Their dedication to fostering connections between authors and readers exemplifies their commitment to broadening literary horizons.
  • Since its inception in the vibrant month of October in 2012, Bluerose Publishers has cultivated an impressive community of over 50,000 registered authors. This digital influence spans multiple social media platforms, amassing thousands of dedicated followers. Their global reach extends across a remarkable 140 countries, solidifying their international presence.
  • Website:

Become Shakespeare

  • is a younger field player compared to its counterparts when it comes to the number of titles published by them. With 1050 published names, it is a global self-publishing platform to nurture and encourage writers from all backgrounds.
  • They provide different services like designing a book cover, editing, publishing, and also organize book events for promotion. They have listed down their process and packages in Company Profile Section in their official website.
  • Their family of happy authors is over 850 now, and it keeps growing each day with newer authors coming in.
  • Website:

24 by 7 Publishing

  • With a direct option for one-on-one interaction, 24 by 7 Publishing offers the most extensive variety of book publishing packages for the authors based not just on their economic background but also on the profession to which they belong.
  • They have packages according to the needs and points of focus for the authors. 24by7 Publishing promises the authors to provide hand-holding guidance in each step with a very friendly and close to heart experience.
  • Like other self-publishers, 24by7 Publishing also offers private reporting dashboard to track the number of books sold via various channels.
  • Website:

Best wishes! This is all we can share as of now in terms of self publishing companies in India. You may get in touch with them, their authors to get complete information of your next book publisher.

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