Trust Your Instincts by Janvee Menghrajani

Trust Your Instincts by Janvee Menghrajani

One after the other, a person’s life is packed with events that not only impact their personality but also shape them into becoming a product of the circumstances they go through. It is through this that the product of experiences is born which is a treasure for learners in different age groups. Emotions are a significant influencer on a personality and a person’s life as they are probably the most difficult part to deal with. In her book, “Trust your Instincts” the author Janvee Menghrajani highlights this aspect with honesty and reality without any sugar-coating. What makes the book even more appealing is the fact that it reaches out to readers who go through the swings of emotions at different stages of life and no one is there to talk about them.

The book is divided into 6 sections in addition to the preface and epilogue. Through these divisions, the author shares aspects of life that she has felt and observed so far and intends to share her insights born thus. The manner in which she talks is straight, heart-to-heart, and relatable for many readers. “Trust your Instincts” becomes even more significant when a reader looks at the book cover and finds the world entirely being about blacks and whites. This gives the book a touch of objectivity while also blending the emotional touches. At the same time, the book talks about the universal issues and situations a person goes through in their lifetime. This makes the book a relatable reading for those who have lived through those times and those who are yet to reach that stage. It also raises the bar of reach for readers by not being restricted to a particular age group but rather, being read by people of all age groups. Moreover, “Trust your Instincts” will also have an extended validity among the coming generations since the book discusses the universal subject of humans and their emotions.

Although we live in a time when children are closely connected to their families, there still is always one point after which they do not feel the same comfort in sharing everything. “Trust your Instincts” comes as a guide at this stage and through her words, the author connects with the readers. She follows the format born from her experiences and what she has gone through on a personal level, but what touches the hearts of the readers is the honesty with which she constructs the book. The book is not just restricted to understanding instincts and holding on to them, as the title may suggest. Through the text, the author conveys a lot more via the anecdotes she shares that have influenced her personality too. In a time when people’s attention is more on the external and less on the internal, “Trust your Instincts” wins the readers’ hearts for its truthfulness and the frank manner in which it talks about different moods that life can take. This book is recommended to all readers who know instincts and who are yet to understand instincts.

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