“Uparvale ki Lathi” carrying multiple overtones

“Uparvale ki Lathi” carrying multiple overtones

It is through an author’s artistic capabilities that the readers can be transported into a world that is strikingly different from the one they live in and hence, give them an experience that not only gives them a memorable reading experience but also invokes multiple emotions at the same time. Author Mayur’s debut story,  “Uparvale ki Lathi” carries multiple overtones, symbolic meanings, and resonances of a universe that makes the readers travel into their worlds of nostalgia and create a connection with the time that has passed already. This strong connection is a significant determiner of the lasting impression that is left on the readers’ minds by the time they finish the story and hence, builds a long-lasting connection not just with the plot but also with the world that the author creates.

Through the explanation of a day in the life of the protagonist, the author carefully explores not just his life but all that has influenced his life through his stream of thoughts. His stream of thoughts swings between his life that has passed already and the present circumstances which keep the readers connected with reality too. Even though the readers are closely connected to Ziddilal’s life, they understand a lot more that the surface unravels as the narrative unfolds. These techniques make them curious and eager to know more and learn about the erratic nature of the character, as his name justifies. “Uparvale ki Lathi” creates a universe that connects with the central character and explores the effects of the happenings around him on him as a person and a product of his circumstances.

“Uparvale ki Lathi” has an interesting combination of elements that range from comicality to the emotional sides of the life of a person. Ziddilal’s encounters with different people throughout the story form the highlights which substantiate a deeper meaning in ordinary life. The different kids featured in the story remain true to children’s tendencies to be notorious and bother the ones who react much more. While this makes the readers giggle, it also makes them ponder over Ziddilal’s situation and the fact that he finds life away from home. 

By exploring one day in his life, the author Mayur supplies the required simplicity that signifies the persistent routine which is static and fixed to quite an extent. Ziddilal’s reminiscing about his yesteryears brings out significant traits of his personality and his life as a whole. While it connects the readers to the days going back to his childhood, they also show how his life has been as an individual and all the happenings that eventually led to his becoming Ziddilal, as he is popularly known. In that sense,  “Uparvale ki Lathi” completes a circle of life where once, a person gets everything they want, and eventually, life takes everything away from them one by one. 

This book is recommended to all readers who have an interest in reading stories that would make them laugh and make them thoughtful in the next moment only to leave a smile at the end. 

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