What is it like after dreams come true

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Today I decided to write about and started trying to realize my dreams. To my own surprise, I had to think hard to pen down any. I rather realized I have hardly any left! I hope it doesn’t sound like boasting but most of my dreams have come true by now and I am grateful to God about that. I am thankful to everyone and everything that contributed to the fact even if in a tiny form. Even if it was just a heartfelt smile or smiling back to me as a sweet gesture. It’s not that I’ve achieved everything I wanted in life. I am not saying that I have reached my destination. I do have a long way to go but now I have only aims and goals. Apart from that, I wish to go on a world tour with my beloved husband once but that doesn’t seem to be possible anytime soon. And when I sat down to feel my dreams, it didn’t occur to me immediately. So I choose to not call it my dream as such. If it happens, it will be ecstatic and if it doesn’t, it’s okay. Even if we travel a lot without a proper world tour, I’ll be more than happy.

Dreams come true

Now about my dreams that have come true. Well, it may or may not appear at the first glance or in first conversation with me but I am of the kind to be happy in little-little joys of life. I never dreamt of swimming in a pool of money in life. Somehow by God’s grace, adequate has always been enough and I am grateful about that. But yes, when I was a child, I dreamt of being loved by everyone in the world. Later, I learnt the hard way that it’s not possible. This one (obviously) got crushed even before I could call it a dream, lol. Then I had many other such. At one point of time in my life, I couldn’t dare to dream any more. I was shattered and striving for acceptance. Again gratefully, my family was caring and supportive towards me but still there was some emptiness in my heart. I just wanted to Be.

I wanted to be my true self and appreciated just the same. On the professional front also, all I repeatedly received was – rejections and failures. Everyone I communicated with, either criticized or advised me this and that. I didn’t want any of that. I just wanted to be. And I was never that bad. So, heart-in-heart I dreamt of having someone special around me who could and would first accept me the way I am and then softly guide me towards the betterment. Not advise, but guide step-by-step. Of course, who could have done it better than my life-partner. No doubt, why it took soo long to look for him and finally we met like my first dream-come-true.

Realising new dreams

When I used to dream of my life-partner back then, I had some associated dreams too. And this angel, my beloved husband made them all come true. It would be too long a list to mention it all here. But I owe a giant gratitude to him. I just can’t thank him enough. Of course, my publications are a part of that. Before meeting Rushank, my soulmate, I felt passionless and directionless. I had always been writing subconsciously but never realised it as a passion. And now here I am. See the difference. Man, this man has completed me in ways he himself is not aware of. I know he still sees some scope in grooming me and I am working on that. But as about dreams, I am fulfilled.

I am trying to realise more dreams to call my own. We have a beautiful daughter a year old and probably I may soon develop some dreams surrounding her (with no intent to pressurize) but at this point of time, I feel accomplished.

And probably that’s what it feels like after all your dreams have come true. Especially for the people who are happy in less! 🙂

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Author Blogger Neha Sharma 💁🏻‍♀️

Dreams come true

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