When Was The Last Time You Read A Book?

When Was The Last Time You Read A Book?

Sounds Boring!!!!

Yeah, (for some)

Come on, seriously, ask yourself that? When was the last time you had to hold a book in your hand to read?

When was the last time you had completed your reading?

When was the last time you fell in love with reading?

So, when was the last time you shared your point of view with anyone about the book you had read?

I guess you’ve heard a lot of people say, “Oh! I don’t have time to read”, “Reading is so boring”, “Yes, I want to read”, “I’m just a cinema lover”. Don’t be proud to say that; go ahead, add a good habit of reading. There are only handful of readers, but this world needs more tsunami of readers.

The good news is that when it comes to reading, there are no age restrictions. Reading provides you with numerous advantages:

“Reading doesn’t mean you are anti-social”.

Reading gives you a chance to grow up.

Reading transforms you into living numerous lives.

Reading challenges your perspective

Reading helps your memory.

Reading means you don’t have to be alone

Reading contributes to life.

Reading gives you a better vocabulary.

Personally, so far, I have read 130 books as a reader, and my reading trip continues. And sometimes I ask myself why I started reading when I was 30, why not before? I feel so strongly about my books. You will always find some books in my shopping cart which I have to purchase and give my reading.

 I want to add something that I read-only in Paperback.  Because while holding a book in your hand, the smell of the pages, the clean sound of each page as you turn, the words as you read get closer to the book. This feeling is valuable – any tech will not give you.

I understand today’s crazy Internet world of social media; people like to engage in their phones. And that’s why books are always in the corner of your shelf coated with spider webs or dust.

Some people only bring books to decorate their corner shelves or to make their impression. Please don’t do this!

If you are interested in trying to be a reader, start today;

Here are some things to do:

Begin reading your favourite theme.

Start reading every day with just one page (no more than that)

As you read, keep your phones away from you so that you are not distracted.

If you start reading with these simple tips, you may never know how your reading of a page has progressively turned into 2 or 3 pages. And within one month, you finished reading the book.

When you finish reading, your mind and heart will be thirsty for another book to read. It’s not that hard; it’s just that you have to be here in the book world.  

Take a question from me?   

When you have a film magazine or an autobiography of any Bollywood/Hollywood/Sportsman celebrity in front of you, without thinking, you will demonstrate your interest to keep this book and turn the pages. You will also buy the book and keep your daily activities aside without being surprised and will provide your valuable time to read. Why? You weren’t a reader, so why did you choose that book?

And very proudly, you will be posting that book on your social networks to show everyone that you had purchased this expensive book.  You will even share your perspective after reading. Bravo!!

  But what happens when you come across other types of books?  You won’t even show your interest even to pick up the book.  Even if you get a free copy from someone, you will use that book to keep your coffee cup on or for your door stopper. And yeah, sometimes use that book for a selfie. To what extent is that right?    Think about that!

“An author writes the book, and the reader completes the book”.

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