Author Shaheen Kazi Talks About Her Latest Book ‘Baabubrown And His School Holidays’

Author Shaheen Kazi Talks About Her Latest Book ‘Baabubrown And His School Holidays’

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian author originally from Mumbai and has lived in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than a decade and a half. After getting acquainted with IATA, she concentrates on her passion for writing. Her accomplishments include three books, ‘ AGE WAS JUST A NUMBER’ (Romance Novel) and ‘CUPIDS ARROW’ (Poems), ‘BAABUBROWN & HIS SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (Vol:1) and two anthologies and many other upcoming projects. She also writes short pieces in Literature Times. Being an enthusiastic poet, author, writer, and creative thinker makes her a little unique in what she does.

Books have always been her best friend; libraries and bookstores have always fascinated her from a young age. Mobiles are essential, but for her, the book is a beautiful world to live within. She is a non-kindle reader, and she can never read any book on kindle. She doesn’t go anywhere without a book. She sees herself as the luckiest to continue her dream of becoming a novelist/poet and working on what she loves most.

She firmly believes in being somebody when nobody thought you could be.

Besides writing, she loves reading, travelling, knitting and singing. She is excellent in her culinary skills too.

Vividha Bindu: I would like to begin by giving you my Hearty Congratulations, Ms Shaheen, for your recent children’s book! How has the response to the book been so far?

Shaheen Kazi: I’m honoured, thank you Ms. Bindu. The response is colourful same as the book. Not just children, even young readers and adults, they began to appreciate the book.

Vividha Bindu: Your book “Baabubrown And His School Holidays” is quite educating and fun to read. What inspired you to write under this genre? 

Shaheen Kazi: After writing romantic fiction and love poems, I wanted to write for cute readers. For adults, we have plenty to read, but there should be something to easily connect for young children.  In this BaabuBrown  book as each child will be easily combined with the minor issues, excitement and fun part.

Vividha Bindu: Children’s books must draw attention of the adults first, who’d them buy them. What elements, according to you, are important in making a children’s book attractive to adult readers as well? 

Shaheen Kazi: Well, you’re right. The children’s book should get parents’ attention, and for this, the reader should be colourful same like this book. There should be a simple story with clean language. If your book has an engaging plot with a happy, fun ending, then even parents love it. So parents can easily understand what this book is all about. And all parents want a good book for their children because parents are too tired of having their children too involved in technology. 

Vividha Bindu: Present day life as well as reading is mostly about gadgets. Why do you think it is important to connect a child with nature?

Shaheen Kazi: Yes, nowadays a lot of children have gadgets. Games supersede books. I feel getting involved with devices or any gadgets makes you very practical and emotionless. It is essential for all parents that their child should be in contact with nature because it encourages creativity and imagination. Playing in the open area with nature, it designs the kid activities, and they think freely.

Vividha Bindu: Are there any authors that you enjoy reading or any books which are your favourites?

Shaheen Kazi: Yes, as I have always mentioned in my earlier interview. I’ve always been a reader of Ruskin Bond Books. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a big Ruskin Bond fan. And I am sure that the children who read his book and grew up will agree with me.  My favourite books are  The Room on the Roof; Time Stops at Shamli, The Whistling School Boy many are there. Till today I read his books. 

Vividha Bindu: Do you relate any real life character to the ones you’ve created in “Baabubrown And His School Holidays”? Did you take inspiration from anyone around you for those particular characters? 

Shaheen Kazi: BaabuBrown is the character of a ten-year-old kid. All of us have been BaabuBrown once in our lives. And now, if we look closely, we will find that character in our home or in our family. So the inspiration came from our childhood and our children. I am the mother of a nine-year-old son, so my character BaabuBrown is always in front of me.

Vividha Bindu: Your story telling is very simple and quite attractive. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.

Shaheen Kazi: As I said, this book is for every member of the family. Yes, I write exclusively for my readers. So my scribbling on paper continues to provide the best for my readers. You will undoubtedly see more projects.

Vividha Bindu: The main character in “Baabubrown And His School Holidays” has a very unique name. What all thoughts went behind naming the character and the title of the book? 

Shaheen Kazi: That character was born with my child. Yes, BaabuBrown is the nickname of my son Rahil. His dad always address him by this funny unique nick name.

The funniest part of the name is that it gives both Indian and Western feeling. And when you develop any character for children, the title ought to be something funny and unique—example: Suppandi; Shikari Shambu we all know this name and how it stands.

Many children plan for vacations related to school holidays, but in this book, I had tried to portray that how any child can easily spend school holidays without going anywhere.

Vividha Bindu: How easy or difficult was it for you to decide on the content that was suitable for children to be shared through the medium of “Baabubrown And His School Holidays”?

Shaheen Kazi: The content was not a challenge. Because when I was writing that book, there were some childhood memories of my own and my child’s activities. I also saw other children, so writing for them was helpful. And the primary purpose of writing this book was to make every child understand the worth of his family, friends and nature. Spending holidays with your family and friends are no less than any big vacation.

Vividha Bindu: In the book, Baabubrown does show some grudges towards his grandmother. Do you feel that children usually hold grudges towards one or both of the grandparents in their house or is it parental behavior with grandparents that make children think so? 

Shaheen Kazi: Grudges, no, I won’t say that. It’s an amusing aspect of every child’s life. Suppose you remember back to R.K. Narayan book, Swamy and his friends. You will find that Swamy  was always  mad at his grandmother. So will you call a grudge? No, right?    In my book, I also retained the character of BaabuBrown grandmother as she comes from the old generation where her belief is entirely different from our new generation BaabuBrown. Inspite of some differences between them they still love and care for one another. Both are hanging out and spending time together.

Vividha Bindu: If you were to describe your book in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be?

Shaheen Kazi: A complete Family Book.

Vividha Bindu: For all the aspiring children’s books writers, what advice would you give them based on your writing experience? 

Shaheen Kazi: Being a children’s author is not that simple. But if you have always kept your inner child alive until today, you are still connected with your childhood memories and your imagination. Then you can write a lot of children’s books.

13. Vividha Bindu: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books from you in the future. All the best.

Shaheen Kazi: I appreciate that very much. It was amazing being with you. Vindhu.

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