‘WHY – Reason For Every Action’ by Abdul Ghaffar – Book Review

‘WHY – Reason For Every Action’ by Abdul Ghaffar – Book Review

“We probably take each and every action to find our WAY, but often we forget to look for that WHY, the very basic question that we need to answer to ourselves before finding out our way!”

The book, “WHY – Reason For Every Action” by Author Abdul Ghaffar could be described as a “True Motivational Guide and a Saviour” for the people, who are looking out for the answers to the questions pertaining to the very existence of the human life! The Author tends to answer the basic questions, which results in the progression of the human life, like the purpose of life, reasons for going behind our pursuits and the methods of facing the setbacks in the pursuits of our life, in his very own way.

The Author, Abdul Ghaffar is an academic by nature and business expert by profession. He holds three master’s degrees in Public Administration, M.B.A. and language and literature. He is an entrepreneur, corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He has been awarded Gold Medal in Public Administration and also many accolades in his professional career. His writing skills in poetry and educational necessity demonstrate his academic fondness for education. He taught Business Management at Arab Open University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. WHY – Reason for every Action (2020) is his first book on motivation. His masterly expertise in finance, sourcing, education, marketing and social psychology amply reflects in the book. He is currently working in Healthcare Skills Training Institute of GE Healthcare, Saudi Arabia.

Author Abdul Ghaffar is also the president of the International Board of Social and Education Trust, a social and educational organisation and member of many social organisations. His association with social organisation shows his keenness to help the needy people in the society. He has also associated with schools in India as well as International Indian schools in Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted via email at: ghaffar72mag@yahoo.com

The book, “WHY – Reason For Every Action” the Author Abdul Ghaffar is a “Self-Help Book” with a great and indeed useful set of guides for the readers, providing them with simple and yet an impactful approach to deal with the issues of their routine lives by simply staying motivated. Motivation is a very big factor that keeps the human beings moving ahead and achieving their goal. Well, the Author has summarised his observations, experiences and knowledge in this book, which he tends to provide to his readers from the 8 Reading Worthy Chapters of this book!

Specifically, in the “8th Chapter” of this Book, Know Your WHY the Author has shared some great essentials for the Readers, who needs support to reach to their destination. The 8th Chapter, being the final chapter of this book talks about some real factors that will not only keep a person motivated but also will help a person to understand the priorities of his/her life. The WHY that we need to understand before going out to our WAY.

In a very step by step and gradual manner the Author focusses on all the significant aspects of achieving motivation in our life. With the very first chapter of the book, Introduction To WHY the Author has very vividly explained purpose of human life and how one can find out the purpose of their own life. The Author has also written down several stories as examples in the chapter to help the readers relate to those stories and find out their purpose in life!

If you are confused with regards to the life choices you currently have or lacking motivation to go ahead and achieve your pursuit in life, then there are several “Hacks” in this book, WHY – Reason For Every Action, which actually would help you land safely in the game of your life! There are several motivation boosters as well as killers, which we encounter in our routine life, well these factors are too examined by the Author and the methods of handling those motivation boosters and killers are explained in the book.

According to the Author, if the reader follows the teachings of this book in the manner, which is aimed and expected then the Readers could solve some Real Hurdles of their lives, which are pulling them down. The Author talks about those Life Changing Wonders, which an individual could achieve through this book.

If you have been not advised properly, about how your actions could affect your life, your real target, your success and all those things in life for which you sincerely care then this book is a MUST READ for you! You don’t only get the answers to your long unanswered questions but also gets the mindset to create an answer or a way for yourself.

Reviewed by: Neel Preet, The Literature Times

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