4 things to do every morning for a better start-

woman in white dress sitting on brown rock during daytime
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It’s difficult to start a day with clutter in the head and morose thoughts lingering in our bodies. In order to be productive and to have a fresh productive morning, start your day by following these mindful steps. Mindfulness is an art and it requires practice!

1.Move your body– No matter what, take out time of just 15 minutes to stretch, jump or do yoga in the morning. It helps to relax the stress in the body leading to a better start. The moving body lets you know that you have actually done something in the morning hence it gives you a mental recharge, also. Take a 10 minutes stroll to your nearest park or even better in your own home garden. ( pandemic)

2. Setting Intentions- Next up, plan out your goal and set your intentions into it. Be mindful of your day, activities, and how you are going to cherish and achieve it all. Do not set anything unrealistic. Prepare a list of small goals and put your efforts, mind all in one place.

3. Observing Nature- Nature has the potential to even put the wrong mind onto a peaceful track. Eat your breakfast or have a cup of tea at a place from where you can enjoy this serenity of nature. Watching the aesthetic gives hope and fills the heart with abundant light and positivity. In the study, researchers from the University of Exeter in the U.K. found that watching high-quality nature shows on television can boost moods, lower negative emotions, and help ease boredom linked with being alone indoors.

4. Read a book/ Meditate- This might sound a little cliched but starting your day with a good and soulful mind helps in staying conscious and productive throughout the day. Read a page or just a paragraph of a book that really enables your mind in staying wholesome. The book that I really enjoyed was- The untethered Soul by Michael. Singer. If not reading, maybe start your day with a meditation podcast and set a timer for 15 minutes. Small steps take us a long way.

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