Ageing | TLT Specials | Shaheen Kazi

Ageing | TLT Specials | Shaheen Kazi

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Who is beautiful among all?”

Well, women of all ages want to be beautiful. When she is a teenager, she finds herself attractive and cute, when her skin flourishes in youth, her beauty emerges. She appreciates each step of her beauty and secretly wishes never to age. Time is the greatest enemy because she will realize that this time will fly through thin air one day. But somewhere in the youth, girls have no desire to think about it. The bottom line is that time never stops for anyone.

But what happens?  

After 30 years, she is no longer a daughter, and she has become the wife, mother, chef, teacher, and numerous roles played in her various relationships.

Gradually, things change, and life has a new face to demonstrate their responsibilities. Priorities become the nourishment of foster life. The birthday haunts every year, and all cosmetics become essential in everyday life.

At this point, the woman completes her half-trip of experiences in her life – she will learn nothing from any institution.

She’s her teacher.

It is true, it sometimes becomes difficult to compete in the world of rapid development with promising young talents, but is that your real challenge? 

The real challenge is ‘YOU’, the fear within you that asks you every day, every moment Am I good enough?

Fine lines on the skin, grey hair and unformed body will not break your trust; these things will not determine your life.  Those are the things that every woman hates about it, me too!

Getting older makes you the right mirror of yourself.

You learn wisdom, and your thoughts reflect in your work.

Physical beauty improves as well; you may wonder how?

If you read this article, make sure you see yourself in the mirror today with great care. You’ll get a response. Women are beautiful, and their beauty cannot age. When a lady begins to Age, her beauty becomes a classic wine. Age is just a number, but yes, Age also has its value. Love every Age in what you are. Because ‘Time’ and ‘Age’ it has wings, it will fly in swift without any warning.

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