Anil Manawat Talks About His  Book “Love Ka Over Dose”

Anil Manawat Talks About His Book “Love Ka Over Dose”

Swapna Peri: Congratulations Anil! The book looks lovely. How is it received and how are you enjoying the attention?
Anil Manawat: I am receiving wonderful response from youngsters and other seniors, they are liking it very much because of simple wording shayaris, and moreover people are appreciating in India as well as in abroad, and More ever close friends are liking these and they are appreciating my hard work in the form of a lovely Romantic book,

Swapna Peri: The theme of the book tantalizing. How did the idea of bringing out such book come?
Anil Manawat: This book is written to cater the rapport of current generation’s demand and to suit their thoughts in simple language and little bit catchy name, so it has been titled ‘LOVE KA OVER DOSE’.

Swapna Peri: Many poems, liners and shayaris look personal too. Though love is a universal language, how much of your own experiences have been embedded into it?
Anil Manawat:
I dedicate these book to my lovely and caring wife, and Being a simple person, I always wanted positive and happiness atmosphere near me, so always loved to write on different topics and shared it in many social platforms.

Swapna Peri: The cover page of the book and the illustration before every theme is beautifully designed. Though it is abstract, it is beautiful. How much time did you take in designing it?
Anil Manawat: I really appreciate the EVINCEPUB Publishing team for making my thoughts in to a reality…

Swapna Peri: On a personal note, the book looks like a nice guide to someone who is looking for romantic messages can refer this book. Is the book written keeping in mind the young people?
Anil Manawat: Yes  100% correct, today’s generation will love it by reading these book and exchanging these poem to their LOVERS, Because of simple language poem of 2 liners,3 liners, And even they can memorize these and use them according to the situations.

Swapna Peri: Apart from the book, tell us about yourself?
Anil Manawat: I have developed the hobby of writing since 2010. I have around 10,000 self written quotes in various categories like Love, Flirt, Valentine wishes, motivational quotes, Good morning, Good night, Social media Status, Birthday, Current topics, Poetry, all types of festival quotes, Jokes on Husband-Wife, common jokes ETC:

Further you can find my quotes updated on ‘Funonapp’ mobile app, in which I have got likes of around ’60 Lakh’ across worldwide…

Swapna Peri: When did it first feel like you have to write a book?
Anil Manawat: When I saw todays generations are not finding themselves romantic because of their busy schedule life, I thought and wrote book for today’s generation by these simple and pleasure book.

Swapna Peri: What kind of book do you usually prefer to read? Which is the best romantic book you read?

Anil Manawat: Usually I love hindi shayari books and they are many books…More ever I love hindi literature a lot and want to promote it more and more.

Swapna Peri: Are you working on a new book? If so can you give us some insight?

Anil Manawat: Yes, I am on completion of my next book which is fun humour between Husband and Wife in their daily life.

Swapna Peri: Some words to the readers!
Anil Manawat: Dear Readers, I know in today’s world people are not getting there quality times for their lovers,, So I request them to please buy LOVE KA OVER DOSE book and feel the pleasure of Romance and exchange the shayaris to your lovers according to the situation..


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