Dear Zindagi by Dr. Pratibha: Book Review

Dear Zindagi by Dr. Pratibha: Book Review

Life has been defined in different ways to express its beauty and how every human has always loved it. Life in itself is one of the major themes of literary writing, whether it was ancient, medieval times, or modern times. It may have assumed different meanings, but the love for it has never changed and would not even in the future. The book Dear Zindagi by Dr. Pratibha is a product of this love for life where the author expresses not just her passion for life but also tries to touch different emotions and explore facets that would make life more beautiful. As the readers read through the book, they feel their love for life rejuvenated and a desire to accept whatever goes on around them happily.

“Dear Zindagi” as a title is suggestive of different connotations and ideas. It makes the readers wonder and conjecture about the content and the various dimensions the book would intend to explore. As they read, they reach the preface where the author defines the purpose of her book. The author declares in her preface,

“This book contains the routine feelings and situations which sometimes we tend to forget to pay attention to due to the hustle-bustle of today’s so-called fast-paced life.”

This gives them an idea about the book and its content to revolve around the idea of life and how a few spare moments can change one’s thought process about everything that stands ahead. To express her thoughts precisely, the author divides “Dear Zindagi” into different sections. The 12 sections of the book explore different ideas that a person encounters in their lives and how all these can be seen with a positive approach. To make her thoughts concrete and convey them with justice, the author uses ample illustrations and pictures. These not only attract the readers but also make sure that young and grown-up readers would equally have an interest in reading the book.

While the readers get to hear the author’s viewpoint in the book “Dear Zindagi,” they also come across important life lessons that would be helpful in different stages of life otherwise. The subjects Dr. Pratibha talks about are abstract in nature and can only be understood on the basis of experience. So the grown-up readers would be able to connect with the book in no time. The relevance of the book can not be ignored for younger readers since what they read could be applied at any stage of life and would be useful for them too. In that way, the book becomes of irreplaceable value for the majority of readers.

In addition, the author caters to the needs of the readers by writing her thoughts in a language that is easy to understand for all readers. Whether they are young or they are old, all readers can have an equally pleasant reading experience. At the same time, the positive vibe of the book makes sure that the readers stick to “Dear Zindagi” throughout their reading. Owing to the creative illustrations and compact content, all readers would find this book equally interesting. Readers who do not have the flow of reading long, voluminous texts would also find Dr. Pratibha’s book attracting them. From time to time, the author also shares insightful and interesting quotes on life and her outlook. Through such insights, the readers also get an idea of the author’s in-depth understanding of life and her learning from it. The positive messages that the author shares also make sure that the readers are filled with hope and a thought of a better tomorrow. In a time when they may be worried or not seeing life in a bright light, this book would be useful in filling them with hope. Therefore, all readers are suggested to read “Dear Zindagi” by Dr. Pratibha and rediscover their love for life and fall in love with it all over again.

Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha

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