“Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course” By Bhoopendra Shrivastava-Book Review

“Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course” By Bhoopendra Shrivastava-Book Review

In today’s time, everyone wants to learn and advance and become better versions of themselves. In these highly competitive times, the key to staying a step ahead of every one is having an extra set of skills. One of the most powerful tools in staying ahead of others is communication. However, communication can be improved only by the medium of language. “Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course: A Quest for Perfection” by Bhoopendra Shrivastava is a book that focuses on not just the speech aspects of language but also focuses on the overall structure of language where grammar plays an integral part.

Today the world is of globalization where English as a language plays the most significant role in communication and career advancement. But people encounter problems in communicating due to a lack of understanding and command of English. The author has accumulated years of his experience in “Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course” and fulfills two purposes through one book. Shrivastava also ensures that the book is not like other grammar books. Instead, he tries to integrate English learning with the Hindi language to make it convenient for the readers.

He talks about the parts of speech in “Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course” and links this to speech practice for improvement in communication. Hence, the book becomes more interactive than being a mere passive substance of text to be read. Therefore, it ensures that while reading, there is ample practice too. The author arranges the content sequentially in a step-by-step manner so that the readers can learn as the levels advance. He begins with the very basic which readers would have learnt in their time at school and even later. This also ensures that the readers are comfortable and not intimidated at the idea of learning grammar to improve their speech. After going through the book, the readers are likely to experience an improvement in their understanding of grammar and speech skills. Since the book is a product of the author’s experience of many years in the teaching field, he supplies the book with realistic examples, and his manner of discussing is practical.

Since grammar is the soul of language and the backbone of effective speech, “Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course” serves the dual purpose of both imparting knowledge and also giving a platform to apply it right away for practice. This book would be useful for children, grown-ups, and all those who are on the road to career advancement. It could also be useful for younger readers who are laying their foundations for growth in language for a future where they do not have to worry about communication or conveying their thoughts. Bhoopendra Shrivastava, in his “Quick Step English Grammar and Speaking Course,” keeps his approach bilingual and tries to reach as many readers as possible through this approach. Such an approach also helps to maintain a comfort level with the readers, and they connect with what the author is trying to say easily. This book would ensure to equip all kinds of readers with the weapon of an improved language so that they can stand in the competitive world as competent personalities in their careers. The fact that the book is written after the thorough experience, it can also be seen that the book bears the impressions of the many students the author would have taught in his career. In that manner, the book becomes a treasure for many as the readers would find their problems being addressed by the author, which they may otherwise hesitate to ask.

Since today’s time and the future will be of the English language, its importance in the present can not be underestimated. Neither can it be ignored or overlooked. The future has its foundations in the present. So it is likely that the significance of this book would increase in the times ahead. Therefore, this book is suggested to all readers, whether they are students, working professionals, or even homemakers, as language and command in it can pave the road to success for any individual. There is no time for learning in life. Even those readers who do not have much knowledge of the English language would find this book useful, and frequent revisions of the book would ensure an improved skill and increased understanding of it.

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