In Conversation With the Author, Youtuber And Wellness Coach Priti Kabra About her Book “The Life Learnings”

In Conversation With the Author, Youtuber And Wellness Coach Priti Kabra About her Book “The Life Learnings”

The Literature Times: Welcome to The Literature Times, author. Congratulations on the release of your book. What responses are you getting from your readers? Please share your experience with this book.

Priti Kabra:  oh its an overwhelming response that I have been receiving even before the book was launched as I have put my content in video form first that is on youtube,which has been appreciated a lot, and now with the book my readers are able to connect more deeply to my experiences and lot of people resonate with me.

The Literature Times: What encourages you to become an Author?

Priti Kabra: to that question I would say that I no writer needs encouragement, because its an inbuilt desire to bring out what you have in you to share. No one can encourage you or push you, but yes an inner desire to help people help themselves, has encouraged me to write.

The Literature Times: What are your favorite topics of writing? Please tell us something about your interest areas in the literature.

Priti Kabra: My area of interest is life philosophy and self help and self empowerment books in regards to the power of the mind.

The Literature Times: We were hoping you could tell us about some of those writers who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Priti Kabra: yes there are few like BK Shivani Joel Osteen Louis Hay Anthony Robbins Dr.Joseph Murphy Shakti Gawain Byren Rhonda.

The Literature Times: The titles seem different and catchy; how you decided it? Please let us know the story behind it.

Priti Kabra: The Life Learnings is from my heart, it came to me instantly without a second thought. Its truly my own life learnings that is my experiences of apply various self help tools and techniques, that I have mentioned and given simple and easy to do exercises which anyone can do.

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Priti Kabra: I had started with youtube and I have been a youtuber since a year now, apart from that I have founded my Wellness Coaching academy called, in which I have myself developed certain wellness programs to help any age group to train their mind to get desired results and become Master of their own mind by  teaching them how to Mentor Their mind.

Also I m the first one to come up with customised Theuraptic Medition, which I prepare for people who want to have a relief in a certain area or want to manifest any goals.

As far as writing career, I aspire to write more good and helpful content and make a mark for myself being in service to others.

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Priti Kabra: I will continue to bring more content to readers with newer and helpful tips for self help.

The Literature Times: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Priti Kabra: Yes my content for my next book is ready, I will disclose the name after a few months. Also I m working on lot of other good content mainly in this genre.

The Literature Times: How you see Indian writing in the 21st century? What changes do you see in the modern way of writing? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Priti Kabra: I think in todays times people write more from their heart and not under the pressure of judgement by society, as new thoughts and style of writing have been accepted by people as a whole, moreover self-publishing has put writing and authors into a different legue now.

The Literature Times: How easy/ difficult it was for you to publish your book? What message would you like to give to budding authors?

  1. To publish my book was definitely not a cake walk, a lot of time effort and research was required. But from where I m coming, I knew that it was the will of God which has the final say, so I had to be patient.
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