Author Punam Taori Talks About Her Latest book – “Soumitra- Ek Yodha.”

Author Punam Taori Talks About Her Latest book – “Soumitra- Ek Yodha.”

Author Bio: Writer Poonam Hemendra Tawari writes about mythological history. The author had stepped into this field at the age of 15 when the author’s mother died at a young age and she used to live in her memory. At that time the writer was advised by her guru to do writing work to overcome this difficult time. From that time the author started writing. After that a poetry collection of the writer “Deep-Jyoti” was published. The writer had to stop her writing for some time to complete her education.The writer after completing M.S.W in Medical has done B.Ed from S.N.D.T University. Already done . After which she has worked in many projects due to her special interest in the social sector.

The Literature Times: Author, welcome to The Literature Times. Congratulations on the publication of your book! What feedback do you get from your readers? Please share your thoughts on this book.

Author: My sincere gratitude to all the readers for their overwhelming support and appreciation for my work in “Soumitra Ek Yoddha” which is released recently. Mother Sumitra and Son Soumitra (alias Lakshman) are important characters in Ramayana. I made an honest attempt to highlight unheard side of these characters. I am confident you would appreciate it.

The Literature Times: What motivates you to become a writer?

Author: Books play an important role in human beings to shape their thoughts. They provide all the strength and courage to sail through difficult times. This very thought encourages me to write the books.

The Literature Times: What are your favourite writing topics? Please tell us a little bit about your literary interests.

Author: I like to write books based on History and Mythology. I also write poems on these subjects.

The Literature Times: We were hoping you might tell us about some of the authors that have influenced you and who you read!

Author: Personally I enjoy reading books from Premchand Munshi and “Kafan” holds a special place in my heart. I also love reading poetic collections from Narayan Surve.

The Literature Times: The title is unique and appealing; how did you come up with them? Please tell us the story behind it.

Author: Lakshman from Ramayan is referred as Soumitra in “Soumitra Ek Yoddha” as his name derived from his mother Sumitra. Soumitra’s affection and devotion for brother Ram was beyond imagination, but rarely this aspect is brought out in available literatures. Hence I was inspired to write on this topic.

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Author: My first poem collection “Deep-Jyoti” was published when I was 15yrs old. After a long break on personal front, I have come up with “Soumitra Ek Yoddha”.

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Author: Just have to write.  Have to move forward.  And the aim is to complete the Somuitra Ek Yodha series. 

And if the reader is with you

So the future is good.

The Literature Times: Do you have any other novels in the works? Please keep us updated on your future endeavours.

Author: Not now. But definitely will think about that afterwards.

The Literature Times: How do you view Indian writing in the twenty-first century? What changes do you see in today’s writing style? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Author: Yes, in the 21th century, there has been a lot of change in the style of writing, and there is a demand for such a style chang .readers also like the chang in writing style.

The Literature Times:How simple/difficult was it for you to publish your book? What message do you want to send to aspiring authors?

Author: I did not face much trouble in publishing the book, Astitva Prakashan and Swati Madam supported me a lot and helped in publishing the book, thank you Astitva Team.

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