Award Winning Author Sumit Menaria’s Book ‘Tashree’ Released

Award Winning Author Sumit Menaria’s Book ‘Tashree’ Released

Author Sumit Menaria

Sumit Menaria was born in 1991, in Udaipur known as City of lakes . A chartered Accountant by profession, Menaria is a Farmer’s Son and currently working in Dubai. He completed his Graduation in Udaipur through Mohanlal Sukhadiya University. He has been interested in the literature since his childhood. His articles covering book release has been published in various National and local newspapers like Times of India, The Hindu, Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Midday, Pratahkal, Udaipur times etc.

The Book

His debut novel ‘Tashree‘  has been published on Amazon by the well known publisher ‘Manjul Publishing House’ in association with online story writing platform ‘Pratilipi’. Tashree is a novel full of Mystery and Thrill. Inspector Nandini is investigating the murder case of Tashree. A young girl with supernatural powers to look into anyone’s mind. Tashree was confronted by a stranger, Antas, leading to a revelation of  her connection to an underground nationwide Tantric Organisation. Nandini and Tashree, in their pursuits for the truth, end up questioning their own identity and the very nature of reality itself. The agnostic approach of  novel also throws light on some spritual Hindu concepts.

Menaria’s second psychological novel ‘Anamika’ has also been very successful.

Achievements And Awards

*The Tashree was already read by  by more than 65 thousand readers online before publishing as print book.
*A digital  comic based on this novel have also been published and it was appreciated by more than 70 thousand readers.
*The Tashree comics won ‘Best Digital Comics Award’ at Comic Books and More Summit 2021 by Animation Xpress.
*Currently a web-series based on the this novel is under production by Aditya Bhattacharya and Sameer Pittalwala.  
*A comics on Anamika is also published online.
*Also written screenplays for the short film ‘An Indian Girl’ which has garnered more than 14 awards at the National and International Film Festivals.

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