Delusional Horror by Kinshuk Srivastava: Book Review

Paranormal activities operate in every nook and corner of the world, yet some experience it and some don’t. The ones who do experience start believing in Everything Revolving Around Ghosts And Spirits. However, if something can not be seen does not imply that it does not exist. The book “Delusional Horror: Collection of Eight Creepy Paranormal Horror Stories” by Kinshuk Srivastava is a collection of eight short stories that are of the horror fiction genre. Since the title and subtitle clearly define the nature of the content that is to follow, the readers are prepared to get the chills down their spine and experience the thrill and horror an experience would bring.

As powerful as the title is, equally enchanting in the book cover. The readers who like to read about paranormal experiences would be instantly drawn to Srivastava’s book in no time. In “Delusional Horror,” the author has written each and every scene in the stories impeccably. The readers find themselves engrossed in the stories, also living the life of the protagonist and experiencing the same things they do. The stories are fictional, yet all of them would have an impact on a reader’s mind like the incidents have happened in their own life in real due to the beautiful writing style of the author. At the same time, readers who have gone through the one experience of any paranormal kind would be able to relate with the author’s words too. The stories have wonderful titles. Each title in itself could give goosebumps to a reader. Titles like “The Mystery of the Full Moon Night,” “The Stranger on The Terrace,” and others tickle the imagination of the readers and make them wonder oof what the author may have written. The stories are overwhelming, and hence the readers would find themselves reading the stories taking an ample amount of time, and enjoying the vivid scenes the author creates with patience.

The author has used a language that makes the book easy to be understood by everyone. The eight stories explore dimensions far and wide and also keep the readers involved by the descriptions the author gives in the stories. Horror fiction short stories can turn out unrealistic if not written with utmost care. The author has maintained the delicateness of characters so that they seem realistic and has written scenes that would feel relatable and intriguing at the same time. He also keeps the spark of horror alive by keeping the content restricted and not exaggerating unnecessarily, which, if overdone, could have reduced the overall theatrical effect on the readers. This makes sure that his depiction does not backfire and gives a realistic experience to the readers.

The first story of the book, “Delusion” is where the author has written about cognitive behaviour therapy in this story. It may be a new subject for many readers to explore, but whether they are aware or not aware of it, they would enjoy reading the story equally. The author has written mysterious stories and not just about ghosts. He clearly indicates that paranormal activities do not just revolve around ghosts. The beginning of all the stories is written in an intricate manner which makes the story gripping. The readers are interested right from the beginning of the story and remain in tune with it till the end. The author has kept endings mysterious, which would keep the reader hooked to the events of the story revolving around the protagonist for a little longer time. The usage of this technique leaves the readers thinking and guessing as to what the situation would be. The stories have an undoubtedly amazing imagination behind them, and the execution of that imagination is done in a beautiful manner. Srivastava’s work explores both horror and thrill at the same time. This makes sure his work does not become tedious and keeps the excitement alive throughout. The stories may be only eight in number, yet the author takes the readers in different worlds each time he starts a new one. “Delusional Horror” is a great work by the author in this genre as it invokes multiple emotions in addition to thrills or horror or merely a fast heartbeat rate. The readers would enjoy this extraordinary and yet relatable collection of short stories by Kinshuk Srivastava and feel the experiences of camp stories that people narrate in their homes in a realistic and lifelike manner. While, for once, it would give them the chills and goosebumps too, yet it would also excite them to read more further. Therefore, recommending this book as an outdoor reading or even an indoor reading would be fair to the hard work of the author. At one time, the readers would be reading the eight stories, but by the time they finish them, the way they see and think of paranormal activities would be different.

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