Fateh Bahadur Singh Talks About His Book “Jeevan Jigyasa Aur Samadhaan”

Fateh Bahadur Singh Talks About His Book “Jeevan Jigyasa Aur Samadhaan”

The Literature Times: Welcome and Congratulations on the book. How are you perceiving the reception of your book?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: First of all, thanks for your words…and as far as reception of my book is concerned it is going well, however it is a challenge too to reach the target audience as I am not a known writer in this Space…So somehow we are managing it and doing our efforts…

The Literature Times:  Spirituality is a vast ocean. It is to be dealt with utmost discipline and devotion. What are the tools that you suggest to others who want to learn spiritual knowledge?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: A book can be written on to the answers of your questions…but yaa you are very right, Spirituality is a vast Ocean…But if you see our daily and routine life, the problems we are facing, anxiety we are going through due to different issues….. We can easily find out that it is not going to over till we are live…So what we should do to deal with it ? and Answer lies in Spirituality…just try couple of things…Spare 15 to 30 min for meditation daily…meditate the way you want to…and Whatever you are getting in your life even if you are suffering, try to Say thanks to that Supreme Power to whom you can connect… believe…just Pray with open heart and accept the things the way it is…you will feel relax…just give it a try….

The Literature Times: Modern age is mostly influenced by Western philosophy. How can we demarcate the difference between Hindu Philosophy and others?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Today’s generation is product of English medium schools (mostly) so they are thinking, speaking in English only…..that’s is the main issue behind it…secondly they need some authentic books on the same subject you are referring in different Indian languages…now there is a gap…otherwise I don’t find any reason that can tell me why modern age is inclined towards western philosophy….because India is the land of Vedas, Upnishadas, Geeta and numbers of spiritual Guru it has given… so we are rich enough in the field of spiritually…as far as differences are concerned ….well I don’t find any difference…because philosophy is all about to know life ….through human mind…so in terms of life and mind we are same …our evolution was same…so there is no difference…difference is in the approach… Western School thinks by the Logic somehow.. moreover they see it as a science…They try to rationalize everything but in Hindu Philosophy we says….get yourself in the Chain and witness… You are angry…witness… You feel happy … witness… You feel depressed… witness…. just see your mind… see yourself…. that’s why we coined the word “Darshan…see” …. We talked about “Dekho aur Jaano” because Human mind is very mysterious and powerful …and to realize the things we should know the mind, the way it function so without knowing oneself one can’t do much….. so our philosophy is ..as Lord Buddha says… “Appo Deepo Bhav”…

The Literature Times: In this book, which chapter was the most difficult for you to write?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Well, every chapter in the Book “Jeevan jigyasa evm samadhan” is very important and I paid special attention to all of them…while writing but yaa…there is a Chapter who talks about Truth…Chapter name is “Satya Ki Khoj” …I find myself  bit Confused, honestly speaking…because the Word Truth is very common but yet very uncommon if you don’t understand it…and if you want to discover it the way you perceive it…it takes lot of efforts…So while writing this Chapter I was thinking what should be there in the Chapter in order to address and justify the topic and most importantly how to conclude the Chapter….Because A book also can be written on the said Topic….subject is so vast….

The Literature Times: Other than reading, what are the other ways to lead life towards spirituality?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Reading spiritual Books is nothing let me tell you…. until and unless you are not practicing it…So most important …. accept the truth that you are temporary here and one day you will die…make peace with inner self….. because things will not remain same the way they are now…so just ask yourself this question where to go… and appreciate the things as they are right now…appreciate everything in your life…be it is Sun…. air… your kids… your wife… your office…and most important appreciate yourself….and finally be grateful to almighty God for this life…….So, it’s all about the approach…

The Literature Times: Do you accept the fact teaching smaller spiritual practices at home for kids in their early ages will make their lives better in future? If so, what are your suggestions?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Yes..I am agree…It can be really fruitful for kids and for their Parents as well….But again one has to understand the importance of it…but why only at home.. Here Schools can also play an important role ….. they should include it in their curriculum…. In a materialistic world where success is measured by the wealth only… Practicing it can be very vital…

The Literature Times: How to identify the apt sources of Sanatan Dharma and Vedic knowledge?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Upnishada and Geeta are the most recognised and authentic sources of Sanatan Dharma…They contains all the important aspects of Dharma…And Vedas…There is nothing beyond that…However there are number of schools who talk about Dharma in their own ways…it’s all about individual liking…So this is very subjective …..

The Literature Times: Can you explain us the importance of having a Guru in life?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Well, there is a separate Chapter in the Book by this Title….In Hindu Dharma importance of Guru is known to everyone…. Guru is regarded as next to God.. Even Saint Kabeer has also marked importance of Guru in a Doha…”Guru Govind dono khade, kake lagoon paanv….” So yes…. Guru is very very important in life…. he is the one who can tell you aim of life and how to achieve it…..

The Literature Times: Jivan, is an enticing read. How much time and research went between writing this book? And why did you want to write this?

Fateh Bahadur Singh: Honesty speaking last eight months straight and before that as I have written in my prologue also…that by nature I am Spiritual So I have gone through numbers of Books in my whole life…read so many prominent authors…and again the experience you gain during the course of Practice….it’s all made me a bit educated in this field…. Later I decided to write a Book on same….

The Literature Times: Few words to our readers

Fateh Bahadur Singh: you are the only person in this Universe who can help you…So find out your potential…And believe me you can bring the change you wants to see in your inner world through Spirituality… live and let live ……. Best wishes to all of you…And thanks to all of you for your kind support to my book “JEEVAN JIGYASA EVM SAMADHAAN”

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