How to Develop Your Habit of Reading

How to Develop Your Habit of Reading

Research from across the world says that ‘The habit of reading helps a person in many ways’. Reading habit will reduce stress; it will improve knowledge and makes a person more empathetic. There are various ways in which one can read. In this digital era, acquiring information is on tips and converting it into useful-knowledge is relatively hassle-free.

The habit of reading again is not everyone’s piece of cake. Each person has his reservations and reasons for not being a reader. But most of them do have the interest to read. Many people have propagated theories with advantages of reading to make reading a regular habit.

To develop the habit of reading the following steps will help a person to a great extent.

  • Plan for fewer books initially
  • Reading books summaries is not cheating
  • Join a book-reading club
  • Maintain a Book Journal
  • Create a reading nook
  • Schedule a reading plan
  • Befriend people who read books
  • Find out what kind of book interest you
  • Check out for book trackers available on-line
  • Use social media to share and consume news about books

When you look for what books to read, or the best books to read, you will be dumped with lots of information. Do not hurry but read the book’s blurb, and if it interests you, you can plan to read it. Initially, reading two books from the same genre will impact and decide if that genre interests you.

Everyone cannot buy or access every book available for many reasons like availability and price. Also, not every book is small in the no. of pages. There will be some books which need a thorough skimming. To satiate the thirst to read, some various websites and book-clubs encourage readersto go through the book summaries, which will give an idea of the book and it’s contents. This process is mostly preferred for business and management books.

Many websites and apps now available will help a person pick up a book, update the reading status, and contact many readers worldwide. Thorough planning using many tools available will surely help a person develop a habit of reading.

Article By: Swapna Peri, The Literature Times

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