Kaushik Mhaiskar’s “Basic Foundations in Physics for JEE and NEET”-Book Review

Kaushik Mhaiskar’s “Basic Foundations in Physics for JEE and NEET”-Book Review

A good percentage of a JEE or NEET aspirant in school or boards examination doesn’t decide the destiny in the entrance examinations conducted in India because the rush among hundred students is easier than the mob of lakhs appearing in such examinations every year in India, amongst which the “average students” from a particular school comes out in formals from school uniforms and the “gifted students” fails to meet the criteria and ends up in universities with some honours degree.

This is because the gifted are termed “gifted” because of their learning capacity and the average are termed as “average” because of their  own created concepts and logics and not bookish definitions and fundamentals.

Similarly this book “Basic foundations in physics for JEE and NEET” by Kaushik Mhaiskar, strives in putting emphasis on the basics and fundamentals of physics which is actually asked to get resolved by a student before appearing for the “all India entrance examinations like JEE and NEET”.The author being a mechanical engineer as well as a teacher since 20+ years firmly believes that each and every students have the right to understand and evaluate their doubts by first knowing the base of the subject “physics”.

Experiencing the phase himself, the author understands the woes and worries of such students who come in a mob every year to appear for such IIT examinations every year mostly by mugging it up and puking along the sheets without have the base strong about  the concept and functionalities of physics. The science of matter, motion and energy is not only a factor to be inherited without guidance or proper knowledge about the main concepts but also a factor to be understood and put in execution and knowing the gravity of the clauses.

The book as framed by the author is a collection of the most highlighted topics emerging into the syllabus of every year’s “All India enterance examinations” such as mathematical notes, nature of physical world and measurements, kinematics, oscillations and many more.

Not only these but also there are illustrations, questions, formulas, exercises to solve, different calculus, significant figures, analysis and many more which is the fundamental factor one aspirant should inherit.

Moreover the book “Basic foundations in physics for JEE and NEET” by Kaushik Mhaiskar aims at creating a strong foundation amongst the students and the conceptualized exercises given at the end of each chapter will definitely help the upcoming students appearing for such examinations grasp the fundamentals of physics as aimed and framed by the author since these long time to help the aspirants have a ray of hope to succeed with flying colors.

Therefore to conclude, the book is a “must read” for all those students who may plan or appear in the upcoming examinations like JEE and NEET and pour the needful in the sheets which will further decide and frame their destiny.

Reviewed By –Soudia parveen

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