Learn Why You Should Focus on Getting Reviews for Your Book

Learn Why You Should Focus on Getting Reviews for Your Book

In the world of books, ‘reviews’ is one word that perhaps resonates on an everyday basis, and more than any other term related to books. Reviewing has developed as a field of work in recent times and continues to evolve with new talent being added to the stream. Over the time, it has become a routine name in the world of authors and more or less, many may be aware of its significance too. But the million-dollar question that remains and would be constantly bothering authors is, why reviews should be done at all? This article attempts to unravel the significance of book reviews and their contribution in book marketing altogether. Publishing has been made significantly easy with the help of Self Publishing Companies in India. At the same time, Book Promotion and Marketing has become a challenge for authors. In one of our articles, we have talked about Book Promotion and Marketing Ideas for Authors.

When done by the right person

If done by the right person, reviews can take your book to greater heights than one could anticipate. A reviewer examines and analyzes the book from a perspective and without letting out details of the plot or any spoilers, writes the analysis. This analysis is what highlights the subject matter and the overall applicability and relevance of the book, and many readers are likely to go for buying the book after reading it.

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For sales

The common and perhaps well-known reason to all would be for amazon sales. The number of reviews is proportional to the boosting of sales and also amazon recommendation for readers based on their searches. This is true to quite an extent, but if your book goes in the wrong hands, the lukewarm reviews will perhaps prevent this from happening. Therefore, your choice of reviewers also makes a difference.

Using quotes on cover

Front or back cover, using quotes from reviewers makes a difference. A reviewer is a public figure, and his recommendation can increase the chances of sales of the book. A popular author could also be a reviewer or a celebrity, overall, it would give a quick endorsement to your book. You may recall any of your favorite books in this regard, they would be carrying some quote from a review here or there for sure.


A good number of reviews (and the right ones) would support you as an author and also the book’s credibility. This happens mostly in the case of debuting authors. Once the author has published more than one book, the game changes and things are a bit different. But to make sure readers take you seriously as writer, reviews would be the difference makers.


Popularity is necessary for both sales and spreading the word. If a book is getting a good number of reviews or is being reviewed by a well-known critic, it is likely to gain popularity. Reviews could by online or in print media like newspapers or magazines. But altogether, reviews help in spreading the message about a new book and giving it popularity. Reviewing is a process of critical analysis of not just a book but whatever product is in question. It influences people’s opinion to buy the book for reading or not. Every day, many books are listed online and come in the offline market. But a book with zero reviews would go unnoticed as it happens generally. At the same time, reviews are something that would be more effective in case of online sales. In the offline mode, the book seller’s recommendation does the work of a reviewer. Therefore, the importance of reviews for books cannot be undermined or ignored.

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