Offline Distribution of Books in India – Retail Distribution

Offline Distribution of Books in India – Retail Distribution

When a book is created, it goes through different phases. The first being the time when it is written, the second when it is published with any Publisher and perhaps the most significant third phase when it is marketed. Marketing or promotion or publicity, whatever one might call it, is the most critical part in boosting sales and making the book a bestseller in real sense. Offline distribution of books can be considered as a real success for authors who want to make career in writing.

Since the onset of the digital world where online sales have become the new trend of the day, offline distribution or offline marketing has taken a back seat eventually. While authors and publishers hope to reach their readers through the online mode, the fact seems to have escaped their observation that there is still a significant portion of the population which relies more on recommendations and less of reviews. At Author’s Channel, we tried to dig in and find out the reasons of why there are less sales these days. Let’s see the reasons briefly:

Lack of awareness

Since listing the book on amazon does not mean that potential buyers would automatically get to know, hence no matter what number of books are listed on any day, they would not be able to reach the readers anyhow.

Selection of target zones

The channels which an author or publisher selects to reach their reader audience makes a difference too. One wrong choice and the book will not reach its readers.

Relying too much on online platforms

Nowadays, as the trend has shifted, authors and publishers rely heavily on online platforms and social media to spread the message of their book. Since everyone is using the same medium, the results are likely to be average or below.

Costly offline affair

Admittedly, offline sales become a costly affair for any author when the costing comes out to be quite higher than one can afford. This is the primary reason why only traditional publishing houses offer the offline book distribution service.

When Author’s Channel was created, it was made with the purpose of giving books the right platform for recognition and sales. Keeping that in mind, we offer packages of both traditional and self-publishing houses.

Offline distribution is a costly affair undoubtedly, but the right strategy would help in reducing the cost and increasing the sales. For example, a travel point. Whether it is a railway station, airport, or metro station. Every traveler tries to make their journey productive or merely pass their time and the best option is reading. This goes not just for readers but also parents who want to develop the habit of reading in their children.

Similarly, the atmosphere of bookstores like Crossword, Oxford, Landmark, etc gives a whole new level of reader audience to the book. Even today, there is a good number of people who buy books on the recommendation of the bookstore owner and may end up buying more than one book if they get a chance to see the books.

These are merely a few examples of how we plan things at Author’s Channel and every time, trying to crack new strategies to market books and help them reach their loving readers. Every book deserves the right channel and platform to be able to reach its readers and Author’s Channel strives to reach out to maximum readers at pocket friendly charges. Contact us to know more as consultation is not something we charge for.

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