‘Mann Ki Baat’ Highlights – Key Points

‘Mann Ki Baat’ Highlights – Key Points

Mann Ki Baat today highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his monthly “Mann Ki Baat” radio address to the nation today. The programme comes as the number of Covid-19 cases in the country continues to rise.

“I’m writing to you at a time when Covid-19 is putting our composure and pain tolerance to the test. Many of our friends and family members have died. The nation’s morale was strong and it was positive after successfully tackling the first wave. “However, this storm (second wave) has jolted the country,” PM Modi said.

This comes as the country battles a second wave of the novel coronavirus, with over 3 lakh cases being recorded every day for the past three days. Medical oxygen is also in short supply throughout the country, with patients reportedly dying as a result of the shortage in several states.

To defeat Covid, we must prioritise expert and scientific advice; the Centre will use all available resources to assist states, according to Prime Minister Modi.

The private sector of the country may also engage in the vaccine drive by vaccinating their workers. The free vaccination programme run by the Indian government will continue in the future. I urge states to ensure that as many citizens as possible profit from this free vaccine programme.”

I strongly advise people not to believe any vaccine rumours. You are all probably aware that the Indian government has sent free vaccine to all state governments. This is available to those over the age of 45. Vaccines will be eligible for anyone over the age of 18 starting May 1st: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi also mentioned the ‘Amrit Mahotsav,’ claiming that it would propel the nation to new heights and instil a desire to help the country.

Ambulance drivers have made a significant contribution to the battle against Covid-19. I’d like to express my gratitude to them: PM Modi’s appearance on ‘Mann Ki Baat’

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