Have I won yet? I wonder – Neha Sharma’s Blog

Have I won yet? I wonder – Neha Sharma’s Blog

Books, books, books!

Have they not become an inseparable part of humanity by now? Even more so in the Corona times. Some of us are busy writing and some of us are busy reading one or more of them. Some books we can’t wait to start reading as soon as we pick a copy. A few stay decorated on our shelves for a long time before we finally decide to go through them. Also, sometimes we buy a book with lot of excitement, but soon lose interest and drop the idea of reading them altogether.

Name of the book

Mostly people read books either to educate or entertain themselves. A few rare books cross our path to change the course of life itself. For me, one such book has been — You Can Win by Shiv Khera. Not every reader might have perceived it that way though. It’s quite possible that you have read it but taken to be just another book. For me, it had created the base for a big change in my life. I love the way its author has supported everything he says with examples in the form of short stories. I love the simple language that has been used in this book. What to say about the positive impact you feel with each turning page while reading. And of course, the outcome after you have implemented the lessons in your daily life quite for a while.

How it affected my life

I had read You Can Win on being recommended by someone in my tough times. Ever since I started realizing changes in my life through its application, I have recommended it to many people, but hardly anyone took it seriously. By sharing about it here, I believe I’ll be able to change at least one life if a reader decides to follow what I say.

Many of the messages given-out through this book are specified in the form of comparison between Winners and Losers. So, while reading it may look like the book and the author are preparing you for a big win. But as per my personal experience, by the time you start making your dream achievements, you rise above the concept of winning and losing itself. You don’t see the grasses around anymore – whether green or dry, your own is all you see. You focus on yourself and believe that you are your own biggest competitor. Instead of competing with anyone else, you have to beat only your own version just the day before, by improving yourself. Your biggest demons live in your own head which you have to kill. And eventually, you attain peace. To a considerable extent if not completely. And if that is what winning is all about, I have probably won. But I wish to keep this uncertainty alive so that I don’t stop here. I would like to persevere to become unstoppable. I want to grow further, I want to excel. That doesn’t mean I have gone greedy though. No hurry and no compulsion. Even if I die today, I’ll leave this planet as a content person. Thankfully, about dozens of my little-little dreams have come true in life. Of course, I do have some more to keep me going. But all in all, I’m in bliss.

Pieces from the book

Like the most famous quote from You Can Win goes — ‘Winners don’t do different things. Winners do things differently.’

As the lesson about bringing a positive change conveyed by my favorite starfish story from the book goes in my words — ‘It doesn’t matter whether we are able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people or not. Even if we can influence one living being positively, it is good to go!’ I had loved this story to the core, and it has worked magic for me.

If you’re planning to read this book some time soon, I hope you also find your magic around! 🙂


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