Mindset To Write & Sell More Books

Mindset To Write & Sell More Books

Book writing might be an exciting task for the writers and the authors; however, it is never an easy one for them and on top of it, the sales part is an even bigger headache for most of the writers and the authors. Yes, you read it right, the sales part is really a headache for most of the authors and this is where you need an adjusted mindset to work things out in the best possible manner!

As we, all know that both book writing as well as book selling are tough jobs and it takes a special mindset to be able to become a more prolific writer. Well, you might assume that it is not possible to create a mindset, where the writers and the authors can carry out both of these jobs with peace in their head. However, in this write-up I shall provide you with some simple & yet effective tips, which can help you to transform your workflow and find the inspiration to take your writing to the next level in quantity as well as quality wise.

It is very simple to understand that when you have more books to market, you sell more books. Therefore, you have to find a way to write more so you can publish more than just once per year. Altering your mindset is key to being able to write more, so here are 4 vital tips to help you shift your writing into another gear –

1) Just Start Writing: The number one thing that holds writers back and keeps them from becoming more prolific is fear. What if the writing sucks or what if people do not like it? What if it is not original and so on! These questions serve no purpose other than to keep you from your keyboard. So how can you conquer some of the more common writerly fears? Well, it is truly simple, as you just need to start writing!

Instead of pacing around your house visiting one fear after another in your mind, what if you just sat down and started writing? It is no big deal! Just get in your chair and write with no judgments and no worries about editing. Turn it into a habit, whenever you start to feel the fears and anxieties that creep into your mind about writing, take it as a signal that it has time to start writing, even if all you can muster is a stream-of-consciousness thought stream. Over time, this process will become automatic and the fears will become much more quiet. Moreover, with all the writing that you are doing, you are bound to come up with some great stuff that you would not have created otherwise.

2) Set Simple Goals: When you set small, easily achievable goals, you stand a much better chance of getting things done. So instead of promising yourself that you are going to write a whole chapter today, just commit to writing for 15 minutes. It will make it much easier to sit down and write, plus you will probably get a lot more than 15 minutes of writing done. Break big goals down into smaller ones that make it possible to cross items out of your to do list. This is a great way to boost your mindset!

3) Save Editing for the End: Writing and editing are two separate processes, so guard them fiercely! When you start editing in the midst of your writing process, everything grinds to a halt. Stay mindful, keep the processes separate and you will see your mindset shift.

4) Realize that You are not the Only One: Authors, by nature, are often solitary creatures. Therefore, when you experience fear, writer’s block and other mental barriers, it can seem like you are the only one but guess what? Every single writer experiences what you are experiencing; and they all struggle at some or the other point of time.

Think of an author you admire, someone who puts out two or three great books a year. Even that author has fears and doubts that they have to overcome, which means that it is absolutely possible to shift your mindset and get more writing done. If they can do it, so can you!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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