Non-Fiction Books vs Fiction Books

Are Non-Fiction books better than Fiction Books?

There has always been a debate on a topic amongst the book readers if Non-Fiction books are better than Fiction books. This is a hypothetical question because reading a book is majorly an individual’s choice. A book a reader opts to read depends on the emotional and intelligent quotient. There are also enough instances where highly successful people choose simple college love stories to books about the world. On the other side, if one has to choose between a Non-fiction and Fiction book, each genre has its charm and importance.

As it is a debatable topic, the highlights with a brief introduction, comparing Non-Fiction and Fiction books are explained in this article.

Non-Fiction vs Fiction books: A Comparison

Non-Fiction refers to the genre which is highly informative and is based on real-life incidents. It comprises biographies, auto-biographies, facts and analysis, philosophy, research and opinions. These are usually trustworthy and manipulated, a considerable impact on society can be found. Whereas, Fiction refers to the literature that is created wholly by the writer’s imagination. While the story may be based on an actual event, there are little to no facts. Fiction is fabricated and includes novels, short stories, plays, myths, poetry, and fairytales. Besides, there are different fiction genres, such as horror, fantasy, and more.

Good things about Non-Fiction Books

Some good things happen to an individual if Non-Fiction books are chosen. As they contain real examples, one can know and understand the real world. It also improves concentration and enhances the reading skills making one understand the practical angle of life. Some Non-Fiction books inspire and show a path towards goals.

Benefits a reader gets from Fiction Books.

As discussed, imagination plays a very crucial role in Fiction books. This trait helps a reader to increase and improve the creative quotient. One can create great stories by amalgamating different scenarios. These scenarios can be simple, fantasy, mythological, funny or scientific. Apart from creativity, a sense of adaptability towards various situations and challenges, a life poses.

Finally, reading is a great habit. It is entirely a personal choice, and choosing between Non-Fiction or Fiction, none should be judged.

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