Plan Your Diet Like an Expert | Book Review | The Literature Times

Plan Your Diet Like an Expert | Book Review | The Literature Times

Since time immemorial, looking attractive and being fit has always been one of the dominant issues in the minds and hearts of human beings. In light of that, the fashion and beauty industry has been blooming at large and will continue to be so. This, coupled with the prospect of being slim and fit, has always been a prerequisite for a person to look good both on a physical as well as psychological level. But, due to a lack of proper knowledge and guidance, people are misled, and their dreams are not achieved. Eventually, they either lose patience or heart, and they leave the path they had undertaken with zeal. Akanksha Sharma’s book, “Plan Your Diet Like An Expert,” comes as a lifesaver for the many caught in this struggle.

“Plan Your Diet Like An Expert” is like a guide for all the people who struggle to get in better shape and boost their confidence. Through her experience and knowledge, Sharma and practical applications of the solutions, she shares guide the readers. At the same time, she also clears many questions that the readers could have and opens their eyes to the myths that may have been clouding their brains because of hearsay and lack of access to the right knowledge. She begins the book on a very personal note, and through the references of her experiences, she gives a pragmatic approach to the burning issue in question, getting fit by following healthy ways. These are the facts that make her work relatable for many at a personal level, at the same time making it practically applicable also.

Sharma does not jump into instructing the readers as to what diet they should follow or lay down rules to be followed to lose weight. In “Plan Your Diet Like An Expert” she prepares the foundation the right way; by preparing the readers on a mental level by making them diagnose and understand how their bodies are and how they should approach them. At the same time, she shares clever tricks and hacks to make the journey a happy one instead of one filled with striving or struggling. Hence, the fear of most of the readers is removed, and they are ready to work on themselves with enthusiasm. By the time they are through with the book, many of their misunderstandings would be cleared, and they would be in a different state of mind in comparison to the beginning. Sharma also shares a sample diet plan towards the end, and altogether, this ensures that the readers are ready to participate in the journey that lies ahead.

The language that the author uses in “Plan Your Diet Like An Expert” is easy for any reader to understand. Sharma avoids using jargon or any terms that would drive the reader away before even initiating. This makes the book more of a guide and a bedside reading, which the readers can read and get motivated to work on themselves the following day. The author may not be present herelf but “Plan Your Diet Like An Expert” becomes a document of her omnipresence for every one who looks for the right guidance. Apart from this, the author doesn’t digress or waver from the central issue in focus and makes sure that it reaches the readers without testing their patience. In addition, she also updates the readers’ knowledge other than just telling them the facts straight away. This makes the foundational understanding of the readers strong as they can continue to read more books or research in the right direction. Wherever needs are, Sharma gives the details in theory and bullet points form as per her discretion. She shares experiences from her journey and also from the journey of the many others who achieved their goals under her guidance. At the end of every chapter, the author shares a summary of all that the readers have learnt, which is a sort of brushing up of their facts and a revision.

Recommending this book to any particular kind of readers would imply doing injustice to the readers themselves. Being healthy, staying fit, and doing this the right way is essential for everyone irrespective of any factors. The readers can read this book for themselves or learn things for their loved ones or just update their existing knowledge. People’s current lifestyle sometimes makes them opt for unhealthy habits, and the year 2020 has made people realize the meaning of being healthy and fit. Therefore, all readers, men or women, should get their hands on “Plan Your Diet Like An Expert” by Akanksha Sharma and update their knowledge, which would be helpful at any juncture of their lives. Even people who do not read books should take this book and keep it as a friend for life and plan their diets like a pro.

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