Poetries By Mansi Dhyani – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

Poetries By Mansi Dhyani – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

About The Author-

Mansi Dhyani is a passionate writer with an extraordinary thought process. She has always proven to be an amazing writer be it any topic or genre. She has always excelled in whatever she does be it sports, cultural or academics. Starting from an excellent academic record and being a bookworm to solving Rubik’s cubes, enjoying adventure sports and athletics, singing and playing the guitar and much more, she has a vast skill set with unique talents and enough experience in almost all fields which blend perfectly to help her fit any social setting. Extroverted in nature, and great communication skills and diverse interests make it easy for her to communicate and get to know people easily. She is an ambitious girl who loves challenges, has great leadership skills and huge dreams and is willing to take risks to achieve them. Still a schoolgirl, she has written many creations. She has been published in multiple anthologies and magazines for her writings on mental health and other related issues common to teenagers in the present times. She writes for herself and chooses topics that call out to a majority on common issues and not just to impress the world and that is what makes her writings special.


Little- Big Dreams –

You pull me out,

And kill me straight.

Put me in a tank

Or serve me in a plate.

Have you ever thought

What I want to be?

I don’t want looks of love and awe,

I just want to be free.

A tiny fish am I,

And you, the mighty man.

You pull me out of my home,

where I belong, my clan.

If only once, I could go back,

Swim in open waters, be free,

Swim in huge oceans

Or lakes or ponds or a sea.

People dream big,

Mine’s relatively small.

I just want to live

And not be restricted by glass walls, that’s all.

Every day I hope against hope

That some good man will feel,

What I dream, asleep or awake,

To my fantasy, he will kneel.

I am, after all, just a fish

To be set free, my only wish.

For even in the most caring home,

With the other fish, I’m still alone.

For all I know,

My dream may never come true.

So, I step down on my worthless fantasies

And dream of a home that knows my value.

~Mansi Dhyani


Sleepless Nights

Those nights were so beautiful

Nights, where only dreams would rule,

Sleep wasn’t so cruel after all,

At some point at night, it would call.

Sleepless those nights have turned now,

Dreams are what they don’t allow,

In defeat, we do bow,

Just wanting to fall asleep somehow.

No cry, no tear,

But a heavy heart and a lot of fear,

Overthinking became so dear,

That sleep turned mere.

Such nights feel so long,

Every minute like an hour.

Thoughts just keep flowing along

Body feels like it has no power.

With a mind as fresh as a daisy,

A body exhausted and lazy,

Everything visible starts to become hazy,

And life suddenly feels crazy.

Everything you’ve ever feared

Comes rushing into your brain,

Any efforts to push that away

Go in vain.

Fear, into you,

Then slowly begins to creep,

Taking you one step further,

Further away from sleep.

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