“The Procurement Acumen” By Sendil Arasu Vijaya Kumar-Book Review

“The Procurement Acumen” By Sendil Arasu Vijaya Kumar-Book Review

“We probably take each and every action to find our WAY, but often we forget to look for that WHY, the very basic question that we need to answer to ourselves before finding out our way!”

The book, “The Procurement Acumen” by Author Sendil Arasu Vijaya Kumar could be described as a “True Motivational Guide and a Saviour” for those people, who are involved in the various kinds of the Procurement Management process in different business organizations! This book is supposed to help those professionals, who are facing deep challenging situations while addressing the issue of Procurement Management. Author Sendil’s book will also provide the strength and confidence all these professionals!  

Author’s Background: Author, Sendil Arasu Vijaya Kumar attained bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University and master’s degree in Marketing Management from Loyola Chennai, having 20 Years of Professional work experience. He worked with automotive industry for 5 years and for 15 years with the energy management and automation industry. Sendil started his career with auto ancillary in India who are also high precision auto components exporters to auto OEMs across globe.

After spending 5 years in the automotive industry, Author Sendil relocated to France to work for new products procurement and projects procurement for different business segments (Renewable energy, Oil & Gas, Marine, Navy, Data Center, Transport, Mining and Utility). After spending 8 years in France, Sendil moved to UAE with 5 years expatriate assignment to strengthen solution procurement functions in Middle East and Africa execution centres i.e. Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Central Asia, Anglophone Africa, and North East Africa. After successfully completing his mission in Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) with tremendous success, he moved back to France and currently handling procurement for European manufacturing cluster.

In addition, the Author has got some of the notable training and certifications like Six Sigma Certification from Cummins India, Manufacturing Quality Verification by Cummins USA, Layered process audit training by Eaton corporation the USA, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Transformation by Allan Lloyds, Leadership program by INSEAD France and many competency enhancement training in supply chain domain.

Book’s Introduction: The book, “The Procurement Management” by Author Sendil Arasu Vijaya Kumar is a “Self Help for Business Strategy & Management” focusing on those business professionals, who are indulged or related to the various kind of the Procurement Management systems in different organizations. This book shares some great insights related to the subject matter of Business Acumen and Procurement Management and presents the readers with some very useful set of guides with respect to the subject matters mentioned by the Author in this book. Through this book, the Author also provides some real simple and yet impactful approaches to deal with the challenges which the business professionals had to face in their day to day routine.

Motivation is a very big factor that keeps us – the human beings moving ahead in the paths of achieving our goals. Well, the Author has summarised his observations, experiences and knowledge in this book, which he tends to provide to his readers through the 15 Reading Worthy Chapters presented in this book, The Procurement Acumen!

Readers’ Connect: The uniqueness of this book, The Procurement Acumen is that the Author has laid down some very practical guides for those readers, who are looking forward to understand several business aspects like the nuances of purchasing function. On the other hand, how the strategic benefits can be driven with systematic approach with lot of practical detailing, which is coming from his direct experience working in global context with multicultural environment.

In addition, in this book all the modern aspect of purchasing like Procurement Innovation, Quality awareness for procurement professionals, Digital transformations and Sustainable procurement are the topics very well covered in the book and give a good insight for readers.

According to the Author, if the reader follows the teachings of this book in the manner, which is aimed and expected then the Readers could be benefitted while facing the professional challenges with regards to the Business Acumen!

Book’s Verdict: If you have been not advised properly, about how your actions with regards to Business Acumen and Procurement Management then undoubtedly this book is a MUST READ for you! Through this book, you don’t only get the answers of your long unanswered questions, but you also achieve a mindset to create solutions for yourself, while facing the various kinds of challenging situation in the business operations!

This book, The Procurement Acumen is a very useful book for procurement professionals and for the ones, who intend to strengthen their procurement department. The People-Process-Technology based approach, which should help any organization. A mindset shift from Buyer & Seller to Valued partnership approach is important for any organization with great revolutionary vision. Every procurement person with Quality mind is key. As rightly mentioned in the book, the new Digitalization of our world is going to influence the procurement activities as well. Moreover, it will also help to be more predictive and to have a proactive approach.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09JNTZTHN/

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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