Top 5 Popular Youtubers for Hair and Skin Care

Top 5 Popular Youtubers for Hair and Skin Care

Everyone today wants to look young, vibrant, and attractive. Taking the lead from the glamour world and social media becoming the new age torch-bearer, everyone indulges in experiments when it comes to their skin and hair in the hope of making themselves better-looking every day. But the lack of awareness leads to many committing mistakes, which takes a toll on the same skin and hair they wanted to make better. India has been known for the secrets of natural products being used for taking care of hair and skin. Here are Top 5 Popular Youtubers for Hair and Skin Care which can serve as a guide to better skin and hair care and enriching knowledge regarding the applicability of natural products.

  1. Vandana Goswami

Having been in the skin and hair care arena for almost 2 years and as a successful YouTuber, Goswami shares simple and easy to do DIYs (Do it yourself) for on the go people. She shares DIYs with 3-4 ingredients, which can be easily available at home, where skincare dominates her work. She posts videos constantly, almost every day, where she discusses a variety of topics and problems which are common to many. As her channel has grown, she has also started doing product reviews and sharing good clothes available. She also conducts giveaways to keep her viewers in tune with her and sometimes shares methods to earn money at home.

Being a native of Gujarat, she has also started a channel specifically for the Gujarati audience where the same content in Hindi is available in Gujarati too.

2. Preity Prerna

Grown fast as a Youtuber because of her life-saving tips and quality content, Prerna’s channel features both hair and skin care remedies as the weather is. She features content based on the weather, which makes her remedies more useful for users. Simultaneously, her videos feature detailed explanations about the things she uses, which makes the little hard work worthy of being done. Her videos are full of comments by happy users, and they wait eagerly on the 3 days of the week when she posts her remedies. She has also started doing product reviews but not so frequently as she has enough natural content in her kitty to be shared.

3. Superwowstyle!

This channel features the young Prachi, who also shares skin and hair care tips and remedies that are useful for the viewers. Since she is relatively young, younger girls would like her much more. She discusses the steps to be followed while giving proper instructions and also sharing the results that the remedy had on her. Since she has been in the field for a long time, she has started sharing a little about her life and issues or problems that would bother girls often. At the same time, she has also begun reviewing products and sharing her experiences with them.

4. Ghazal Siddique

Before everything else, the viewers would be charmed by the royal manner in which she speaks in Urdu. In addition, she shares skin and hair care remedies and also talks about how those remedies turned out to be for her. She also has spent quite a lot of time as a Youtuber, and as the viewers’ comments suggest, her remedies do wonders for all who are interested in improving themselves. At the same time, she also talks about the applicability and uses of the different ingredients she uses and the reasons for using them.

5. Kudrat Care

As the name suggests, this channel is all about letting kudrat (nature) taking care of hair and skin by application of various natural remedies and mixtures made by using contents readily available at home. The Youtuber, Monika, also asks her viewers about the topic on which they want her to share content, and on the basis of their votes, she posts videos although, she tries to ensure that no demand goes ignored. She has recently ventured into another channel, “Mona’s Den,” which concentrates more on lifestyle and content other than skin and hair care.

All of these channels recommend a patch test before trying any remedy to be on the safer side, and none claim results in the first use. Neither are these channels restricted only to women. Men can try the tips too. Hence, people who want to use natural remedies and have the patience to see the long-lasting results can check them out.

Article By: Akhila Saroha, The Literature Times.

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