Aagaz: Ujjwal Bhavishya Ka – Vishal Bhambani: Book Review

Aagaz: Ujjwal Bhavishya Ka – Vishal Bhambani: Book Review

When written through the impressions of a mind who has had the first-hand experience, poetry becomes more replete with emotions. When the medium of writing is the native language, the work becomes even more powerful and helps the readers connect more strongly than any language other than the native. Vishal Bhambani’s poetry collection, “Aagaz: Ujjwal Bhavishya Ka,” is a step in the direction of connecting the readers to both their mother tongue and also give them a flavor of poetry through the pen of a fresh mind. The author covers a variety of subjects that he explores in his poetry which makes sure that every reader finds something or the other of his interest in the collection. The exploration of various subjects makes the collection rich in terms of thoughts and profound in terms of the content that the author shares.

Starting from the title itself, “Aagaz” fills the readers with inspiration and hope of a better tomorrow and a bright future that may seem distant, yet it is bound to happen. In his collection of more than 50 poems, the author writes on subjects in poems of varying lengths. He talks on issues that are primarily abstract, not seen but felt. These may include emotions, thoughts, observations, or simply sharing things as the author sees and perceives them. Such direct representation gives the work a raw touch and the frame of reality. As he begins writing poetry, the readers see how his style of writing matures as they go through the poems and how Bhambani’s style flourishes with each poem he writes. As “Aagaz” progresses, the readers are more and more engrossed in the poems and are effortlessly drawn to the manner in which the poet expresses his observations and his perspectives on the things he sees.

In the midst of this, the poet writes memorable poems which the readers would enjoy reading again and again. “Josh,” “Hal,” “Kar Jatan,” “Ek Vardaan,” “Badta Gaya,” “Ummeede,” and many more. Along with them, the poet writes on themes that would be relatable for any younger, youth, or grown-up readers. In addition to the theme of staying strong and motivated, other themes include introspection, relationships of any sort, society, the power of dreaming and staying motivated to not just dream but to fulfill them, practical experience acquired through the reality check, the experiences life gives a person, the importance of family ties and a lot more. Every poem has the potential to strike a chord with a different set of readers and, at the same time, inviting them to read other poems too. This factor also expands the appeal of the poetry collection to a universal level and ensures that the collection is read not only by the present generation but also by the future generations.

Even though the author uses Hindi, which an average Hindi speaker uses, yet there is a sense of grandeur and poise that his crisp poems showcase. His usage of different metric styles makes the poems the collection rich with concise and supplies loaded meanings to the few words he uses. The timely placement of poems also ensures the readers are boosted with positivity and a healthy attitude towards life despite facing odds. This would be an energy booster for the tough times that the world as a whole faces. In a time when most of the people are surrounded with negativity seeing the current scenario, “Aagaz” is about the beginning of a better future that is free of such negativity and less of worries.

“Aagaz” as a whole comes as a breath of fresh air and refreshes the readers to think from a perspective that full of hope. The readers who are interested in poetry writing, particularly Hindi poetry writing, would find this poetry collection catching their interest in no time. The different poems ensure that the readers keep the book on their bedside and read them time and again whenever they want to refresh themselves and start seeing life from a fresh new perspective. Even the readers who are yet to enter into the realm of Hindi writing can begin with “Aagaz” and enjoy the beauty of words that the poet shows in his work.

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