Who is Babara Jarabica?

Who is Babara Jarabica?

Who is Babara Jarabica, the Bulgarian real estate consultant who allegedly “ensnared” Mehul Choksi?

Babara Jarabica, Mehul Choksi’s “lover” or the “honey trap” who aided his abduction, has become a major figure in the investigation into the fugitive jeweller’s mysterious disappearance from Antigua on May 23 and subsequent arrest in Dominica a day later.

While Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Brown has referred to Jarabica Choksi as his girlfriend with whom he willingly travelled to Dominica “to have a good time,”

Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Aggarwal and his wife Priti have suggested she may have been involved in an Indian operation to extract Choksi from Antigua and deport him to India via Dominica.

Choksi’s wife told The Indian Express that her husband had become friends with Jarabica during morning walks over the previous six months and had invited him over for supper to an apartment near Jolly Harbour in Antigua on May 23, where he was severely beaten up and bundled away.

The images circulated in the media are from the Instagram account “babarajarabica.”

Similar profiles have been discovered on Twitter and LinkedIn, with the account names “Babara Jarabica” and “Babara J,” respectively.

There has been no confirmation or denial of this woman’s existence from the Indian security apparatus. Her true identity and location are still a mystery.

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